Bud Light Canada unveils video featuring GSP

November 1, 2017

Bud Light Canada unveiled a video on twitter featuring Georges St Pierre which features the former UFC champ in a faux fight simulation of UFC 217.  The video pokes fun at GSP’s opponent Michael Bisping.

In the video, the viewers is given Bisping’s viewpoint as he faces GSP.  The video pokes fun at Bisping who drinks tea and succumbs to a GSP crane kick, take down and ground and pound.  GSP also calls his opponent an “English Muffin” and ends the video with the infamous “I’m not impressed by your performance” line he used many years ago in reference to Matt Hughes.

Payout Perspective:

It appears that Bud Light will be a sponsor for GSP on Saturday as we see a level of activation in preparation for the UFC’s return to New York.  We have not seen GSP in a while and we will see how many other sponsors will gravitate around the former champ as we approach Saturday’s PPV.


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