Tecate plans biggest boxing promotion for Pacquiao-Mosley

March 7, 2011

Sports Business Journal reports that perennial, beer sponsor Tecate plans to have its biggest promotion for the May 7th Manny Pacquiao v. Shane Mosley fight.

Via Sports Business Journal (subscription required):

Tecate will produce about 100,000 cases — or more than 1 million of the 24-ounce cans — for distribution in participating stores in the Western U.S., Texas and Illinois beginning the first week in April. It also will run a national program offering a $25 rebate on purchases of the pay-per-view in all states that allow it. It plans on reaching 20,000 stores with its commemorative cans and 50,000 stores with its promotion. It typically reaches 10,000 stores with a boxing promotion.

Tecate expects a boost in its sales as it has had more lead time with this event. Due in part to the continued, failed negotiations between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, Jr., Pacquiao’s camp has gone to “plan B” in finding opponents. This time, Pacquiao-Mosley was announced in December, giving Tecate and other sponsors almost 6 months to build toward the May 7th fight.

As a result of previous need to promote with shorter run-up time, Tecate has produced promotional programs on two months’ notice and engaging its key markets in as little as six weeks. With the additional time, it will be able to do more with its retailers to promote the fight. Tecate has launched a social networking component to its promotional strategy as it has a Tecate boxing Facebook page which will provide content leading up to the fight.

Payout Perspective:

Tecate sticks to its niche as it recognizes its key audience and continues to add on to its successful promotion of boxing. Due to previous shorter deadlines, Tecate has learned to promote Pacquiao fights on shorter timelines. With the additional time, we should see a bigger presence by Tecate for Pacquiao-Mosley.

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  1. Galen Faber on May 7th, 2011 4:55 PM

    My local newspaper (Daily News) specifies that there is a rebate of $25 on the fight if you buy a 12 pack or larger of Tecate beer- I am buying the beer but I’m not certain how to receive the rebate. I have seen your rebate forms for the previous fights but I don”t see one for this fight. What is required to receive the rebate?

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