Tapout and Fathom Co-Promoting for UFC 118

August 23, 2010

Tapout Clothing and Fathom Events will partner to host the new UFC 4-Pack promotion at UFC 118. Purchasers of four tickets to UFC 118 at any Fathom Events-sponsored showing in the U.S. will be eligible to receive a free Tapout t-shirt.

Payout Perspective:

Co-promotions are probably under-utilized in sports today, but I tend to think we’re going to see an increase in their number over the next few years as companies look to maximize the impact of activation while also minimizing cost and risk.┬áThis particular promotion happens to work because Tapout is the presenting sponsor of UFC 118 and Fathom decided the event was big enough to show and promote in theaters.

MMAPayout.com has talked about the value of the Fathom Events theater distribution deal in the past. Tapout now has the opportunity to leverage the same exposure vehicle to not only further tie its brand to the UFC, but also increase general awareness and interest of the brand on its own.

One Response to “Tapout and Fathom Co-Promoting for UFC 118”

  1. Santana Kellison on August 29th, 2010 9:27 AM

    What the hell was wrong with BJ Penn tonight? He seemed too tired from the beginning and did not have any noticeable method. It truly bums me out seeing my favorite fighter have such a terrible performance. Not to rob Frankie Edgar of credit although, he was clearly the superior fighter.? It just seems that BJ was deliberately on the defensive for 90% in the battle. And BJ’s corner was incompetent as well. The struggle wasn’t extremely exciting in general however, I was expecting it to be a lot more violent.

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