RVCA Back in the UFC

March 18, 2010

RVCA sponsored athlete, BJ Penn, confirmed in an interview with IGN.com on Monday that RVCA is once again an approved sponsor for UFC fighters. In addition to Penn, the trendy lifestyle brand also sponsors UFC middleweight contender Vitor Belfort.

IGN: RVCA clothing was recently banned from sponsorships inside the UFC. You’ve always been related to RVCA, they’ve got you on their website. Has that decision been a problem for you?


Penn: No, RVCA are actually back with the UFC, and they’re going to be back for my next fight. It’s all good.

Penn also reiterated the news via Twitter and Facebook.

Payout Perspective:

RVCA was ostensibly banned from the UFC because it also sponsored Fedor Emelianenko prior to his fight against Brett Rogers on Strikeforce’s debut CBS show last November. This left Penn without the use of his primary sponsor for his UFC 107 title defense against Diego Sanchez in December.

Rumors are now swirling that Fedor has been dropped by the clothing company, which might make sense if he’s the reason it was banned in the first place. The decision is likely a smart one, too.

Fedor’s immediate fighting future is still very uncertain and he will not be appearing on the next Strikeforce on CBS show slated for April 17th. In the UFC, RVCA will be able to sponsor Penn on April 10th at UFC 112 and possibly Vitor Belfort by mid-summer as he recovers from his shoulder injury.

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