Wilder-Ortiz2 attendance, gate and purses

December 5, 2019

The Nevada Athletic Commission disclosed the attendance, gate and purses for last Saturday’s fight featuring the second fight between Deontay Wilder and Luis Ortiz.

The event drew 9,129 for a gate of $4,063,141.50 with 7,403 sold and 1,726 comps.

Via NAC:

Deontay Wilder: $3M
Luis Ortiz: $1.5M

Brandon Figueroa: $200,000
Julio Ceja: $50,000

Leo Santa Cruz: $750,000
Miguel Flores: $100,000

Leduan Barthelemy: $10,000
Eduardo Ramirez: $5,000

Arnold Alejandro: $7,000
Jhon Gemino: $8,000

Jose Manuel Gomez: $7,000
Daniel Placeres: $7,000

Viktor Slavinskyi: $7,000
Rigoberto Hermosillo: $8,000

Angel Alejandro: $6,000
Mark John Yap: $6,500

Omar Juarez: $6,000
Kevin Shacks: $4,500

Marsellos Wilder: $5,000
Dustin Long: $4,500

Vito Mielniki, Jr.: $4,000
Marklin Bailey: $3,000

Shon Mondragon: $5,000
Juan Centeno: $4,000

PFL Playoffs 2 Payouts

October 20, 2019

MMA Payout has obtained the payouts from Thursday night’s PFL event in Las Vegas.  Most participants were paid $25,000 to show and most were paid another $25,000 for the win with an alternate being paid $10,000 just in case.



Christopher Wade  $25,000

Nathan Andrews  $25,000


Islam Mamedov  $25,000 (declared a majority draw with Mamedov winning via tiebreaker)

Loik Radzhabov  $25,000


Akmed Aliev  $25,000

Rashid Magomedov  $50,000


Natan Schulte  $50,000/$25,000 def.

Ramsey Nijem  $25,000


Luis Laurentino  $25,000

Jeremy Fitz-Kennedy  $25,000


Daniel Pineda  $25,000/$25,000 def.

Movlid  Khaibulaev  $25,000


Alex Gilpin $25,000/$25,000 def.

Andre Harrison  $25,000


Lance Palmer  $50,000/$25,000 def.

Marcos Almeida  $25,000


Loik Radzhabov  $25,000/$25,000 def.

Chris Wade  $25,000


Natan Schulte $25,000 (no win bonus) def.

Akhmet Aliev  $25,000


Daniel Pineda $25,000/$25,000 def.

Jeremy Kennedy $25,000


Jeremy Kennedy $25,000/$25,000 def.

Luis Laurentino  $25,000


Lance Palmer $25,000 (no win bonus) def.

Alex Gilpin $25,000



Ylies Dijiroun  $10,000

Payout Perspective:

It should be noted that Natan Schulte, Rashid Magomedov and Lance Palmer were paid $50,000 up front plus a win bonus in the quarterfinals but Schulte and Palmer had no win bonus in the semifinal (Magomedov did not advance in quarters).  The lightweight and featherweights advance to New York on December 31st to compete for the $1 million per weight cash prize.

PFL Playoffs Payout: Harrison tops salaries on night fighters cashed twice

October 14, 2019

MMA Payout has obtained the payout sheet from Friday’s Professional Fighter’s League Friday Night at the Mandalay Bay via the NAC. Kayla Harrison topped the payout roster with $100,000.

Via the Nevada Athletic Commission:

Kayla Harrison $100,000 + 25,000 (quarterfinal winnings) $125,000 def.

Bobbi-Jo Dalziel $25,000


Larissa Pacheco $25,000 def.

Sarah Kaufman $25,000


David Michaud $25,000 + $25,000 (quarterfinal winnings) = $50,000 def.

John Howard $25,000


David Michaud $25,000 + $25,000 (semfinal base and win) = $50,000 def

Glaico Franca $25,000


Magomed Magomedkerimov $50,000 + $25,000 (quarterfinal winnings) total $75,000 def.

Christopher Curtis $25,000


Glaico Franca $25,000 + $25,000 (quarterfinal winnings) = $50,000 def.

Andre Fialho $25,000


Ray Cooper, III  $50,000 + $25,000 (semifinal winnings) = $75,000 def.

Christopher Curtis $25,000 (semifinal base) (Curtis fought in place of Magomedkerimov after he was unable to fight due to illness.)


Ray Cooper, III $25,000 (semifinal base) draw

Cheikh-Sadibou Sy $25,000


Nikolay Aleksakhin $25,000 def.

Jesse Ronson $12,000


Brendan Looughnane $20,000 + $20,000 (quarterfinal winnings) = $40,000

Matthew Waggy $10,000

Handesson Ferreira $10,000

Payout Perspective:

Michaud, Franca, Cooper and Curtis fought twice Friday night.  Curtis advanced to the finals in the welterweight tournament despite a loss to Magomedkerimov due to illness.  Ironically, Curtis had retired after losing a unanimous decision to Magomedkerimov only to get KO’d by Cooper.  Ferreira was paid as a standby despite not fighting on the card.

GGG gets $7.5 equity stake in DAZN parent as part of fight purse

October 5, 2019

ESPN’s Dan Rafael reports the purses for Saturday night’s fight on DAZN for the vacant middleweight title between Gennadiy Golovkin and Sergiy Derevyanchenko.

According to Rafael, GGG will receive $7.5 million in cash and $7.5 million in DAZN parent company equity.  Derevyanchenko will receive a guaranteed payout of $5.2 million but it is being reported as a $4 million purse.

The $7.5 million in equity for GGG is a rather unique way to pay a fighter.  One would have to question whether taking equity in the parent company is better than actual cash…or vice versa.  Certainly, an equity stake could be much more than the cash at the time.  Then again, the actual cash value give the individual the freedom to invest however they wish.  Moreover, the terms as to when GGG could cash out on the equity should be taken into consideration.  Obviously, if it believed that the company could grow, the equity stake could be a valuable commodity.

Pitbull leads Bellator 228 Payous Saturday

September 30, 2019

MMA Payout has obtained the payouts from Saturday’s Bellator event at The Forum in Inglewood, California.  Patricio Freire led the roster of payouts with $200,000.  Main eventers Gegard Mousasi and Lyoto Machida earned $150,000 each for their fight which Mousasi won via split decision.

Via the California State Athletic Commission:

James Barnes  $2,250 def

David Duran  $2,250


Joshua Jones $2,000 def

Dominic Clark $2,000

Weber Almeida  $6,000 def

Castle Williams  $2,000


Leandro Higo $14,000 def

Shawn Bunch  $13,000


Mike Jasper $10,000 def

Johnny Cisneros  $4,000

Antonio McKee $25,000 def

William Sriyapai  $5,000


Ava Knight  $10,000 def

Shannon Goughary  $3,000


Al Agazarm  $14,000 def

Jonathan Quiroz  $2,000


Ian Butler  $1,500 def

Emilio Williams  $1,200


Ozzy Diaz  $1,500 def

Andre Walker  $1,500


Benji Gomez  $1,500 def

Johnny Santa Maria  $2,000


Adrian Najera  $1,200 def

Jason Edwards  $1,200


Daniel Weichel  $40,000 def.

Saul Rogers  $20,000


Darrion Caldwell $125,000 def

Henry Corrales  $30,000


AJ McKee $50,000 def

Georgi Karakhanyan  $30,000


Patrico Freire  $200,000 def.

Juan Archuleta  $75,000


Fury receives $1M, Wallin $250K per NAC

September 15, 2019

Brent Bookhouse of CBS Sports reported the payouts from Saturday night’s Tyson Fury-Otto Wallin fight.  Fury defeated Wallin via Unanimous Decision in Las Vegas.

Via Nevada Athletic Commission:

Tyson Fury  $1 million

Otto Wallin  $250,000


Emmanuel Navarrete  $220,000

Juan Miguel Elorde  $40,000


Jose Zepeda  $90,000

Jose Gonzalez  $120,000


Felix Alvarez  $40,000

Vyacheslav Shabranskyy  $15,000


Jose Cardenas  $20,000

Carlos Cuardras  $50,000


Ruben Hernandez  $5,000

Isaac Lowe  $10,000


Miguel Perez  $10,000

Gabriel Flores  $10,000


Iskander Kharsan  $8,000

Isidro Ochoa $6,000


Guido Vianello  $10,000

Cassius Anderson  $6,000


Abram Martinez  $4,000

Kevin Johnson  $6,000

Bellator 226 payouts

September 13, 2019

MMA Payout obtained the payouts from this past Saturday’s Bellator event in San Jose.  Ryan Bader, Cheick Kongo and Emmanuel Sanchez topped payroll for the night.

Per the California State Athletic Commission:

Christopher Gonzalez  $10,000  (no win bonus)

Luis Vargas  $1,200


Hyder Amil  $2,000/$2,000 win ($4,000)

Ignacio Ortiz  $1,500


Renato Valente Alves $1,200/$1,200 win ($2,400)

Abraham Vaessau  $3,000


Batsumberi Dagsvadorj  $1,500/$1,500 win ($3,000)

James Terry  $3,000


Cass Bell  $5,000/$5,000 win ($10,000)

Isaiah Rocha  $1,200


Jessica Borga  $4,000/$4,000 win ($8,000)

Amber Leibrock  $12,000


Adam Piccolitti  $22,000/$22,000 win ($44,000)

Jake Smith  $13,000


John Teixeira  $17,000/$17,000 win ($34,000)

Ashleigh Grimshaw  $10,000


Cornelius Savage  $1,200/$1,200 win ($2,400)

Evan Gubera  $1,200


Daniel Gonzales $1,200/$1,200 win ($2,400)

Jonathan Adams  $1,200


Peter Ishiguo  $1,200/$1,200 win ($2,400)

Elias Anderson  $1,200


Alan Benson  $1,200/$1,200 win ($2,400)

Favian Gutierrez  $1,200


Tyson Miller  $1,200/$1,200 win ($2,400)

Albert Gonzales $1,200


Ivan Batinich  $1,200/$1,200 win ($2,400)

Daniel Compton  $1,200

Daniel Carey  $8,500/$8,500 win ($17,000)

Gaston Balanos  $10,000


Emmanuel Sanchez  $55,000/$55,000 win ($110,000)

Tywan Claxton  $60,000


Pedro Carvhalo  $20,000/$20,000 win ($40,000)

Sam Sicilia  $30,000


Adam Borics  $25,000/$25,000 win ($50,000)

Patrick Curran  $60,000


Derek Campos  $60,000 (no win bonus)

Daniel Straus  $55,000


Ryan Bader  $100,000

Cheick Kongo  $100,000

Payout Perspective:

Sanchez is the surprise earner for Saturday but he did draw a $55K/$55K contract for the $110,000 he made over Tywan Claxton.  Most of the prelim fighters were on the $1,200/$1,200 tier with few exceptions.

Nevada Athletic Commission reports Pacquiao to make $10M, Thurman $2.5M

July 20, 2019

ESPN’s Dan Rafael reports the purses for the Pacquiao-Thurman fight taking place tonight in Las Vegas.  Despite the reported purses revealed by the Nevada Athletic Commission, the consensus is that both main event fighters will be receiving substantially more.

Via Rafael per NAC:

Manny Pacquiao: $10 million

Keith Thurman: $2.5 million


Omar Figueroa, Jr.:  $300,000

Yordenis Ugas:  $300,000


Sergey Lipinets: $250,000

Jayar Inson: $10,000 (as a late replacement, he will receive ‘thousands more’)


Luis Nery: $150,000

Juan Carlos Payano:  $25,000


Caleb Plant:  $750,000

Mike Lee:  $250,000


Efe Ajagba:  $15,000

Ali Eren Demirezen:  $15,000

Faber tops UFC Sacramento payouts

July 15, 2019

MMA Payout has obtained the salaries from this Saturday’s UFC event in Sacramento. The salaries for the event totaled $804,000.


Via California State Athletic Commission:

Benito Lopez $12,000/$12,000 = $24,000

Vince Morales $14,000


Livia Souza $12,000

Briana Van Buren $12,000/$12,000


Liu Pingyuan $14,000

Jonathan Martinez $14,000/$14,000 = $28,000


Darren Elkins $62,000

Ryan Hall $35,000/$35,000 = $70,000


Julianna Pena $40,000/$40,000

Nicco Montana $30,000


Andre Fili $40,000/$40,000

Sheymon da Silva Moraes $21,000


Michael Rodriguez $20,000

John Allen $12,000/$12,000 = $24,000


Marvin Vettori $20,000/$20,000 = $40,000

Cezar Ferreira $45,000


Karl Roberson $25,000/$25,000 = $50,000

Wellington Turman $12,000


Josh Emmert  $49,000/$49,000 = $98,000

Mirsad Bektic $38,000


Urijah Faber  $170,000/$170,000 = $340,000

Ricky Simon  $23,000


Germain de Randamie  $45,000/$45,0000 = $90,000

Aspen Ladd $35,000

Payout Perspective: 

A big payday for the returning “California Kid” with $340,000 plus his $50K fight bonus for his KO of Ricky Simon in the first round.  It does appear that the UFC has raised its minimum pay scale to $12,000 and $12,000 up from $10,000 and $10,000.

Champs Jones and Nunes top UFC 239 salaries

July 7, 2019

The Nevada Athletic Commission disclosed the salaries for Saturday’s UFC 239.  Jon Jones earned the most guaranteed of the night but Amanda Nunes ended up topping the roster.

With her win bonus and Performance bonus, Nunes drew $550,000.  Jones earned $500,000 with no win bonus and challenger, Thiago Santos, earned $350,000.

As compiled by MMA Junkie:

  • Champ Jon Jones ($500,000; no win bonus) vs. Thiago Santos ($350,000; no win bonus)
  • Champ Amanda Nunes ($300,000; $200,000 win bonus) vs. Holly Holm ($300,000; no win bonus)
  • Ben Askren($210,000; $160,000 win bonus) vs. Jorge Masvidal ($100,000; $100,000 win bonus)
  • Jan Blachowicz($46,000; $46,000 win bonus) vs. Luke Rockhold ($200,000; $150,000 win bonus)
  • Michael Chiesa($52,000; $52,000 win bonus) vs. Diego Sanchez ($103,000; $103,000 win bonus)
  • Arnold Allen($32,000; $32,000 win bonus) vs. Gilbert Melendez ($200,000; no win bonus)
  • Nohelin Hernandez($12,000; $12,000 win bonus) vs. Marlon Vera ($48,000; $48,000 win bonus)
  • Claudia Gadelha($51,000; $51,000 win bonus) vs. Randa Markos ($30,000; $30,000 win bonus)
  • Alejandro Perez($42,000; $42,000 win bonus) vs. Song Yadong ($45,000; $45,000 win bonus)
  • Jack Marshman($30,000; $30,000 win bonus) vs. Edmen Shahbazyan ($16,000; $16,000 win bonus)
  • Ismail Naurdiev($14,000; $14,000 win bonus) vs. Chance Rencountre ($14,000; $14,000 win bonus)
  • Julia Avila($10,000; $10,000 win bonus) vs. Pannie Kianzad($12,000; $12,000 win bonus)

Payout Perspective:

Interesting to note that Melendez earning $200,000 as well as Rockhold.  Due to his tenure with the UFC, Diego Sanchez drew $103,000 with the opportunity to have had doubled the amount.

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