UFC promoting Netflix blockbuster film, Bright

December 28, 2017

The UFC is collaborating with Netflix to promote Will Smith’s original movie on the streaming service, Bright.

The company is using its social media account to promote the film featuring the former Fresh Prince in a sci-fi movie about a Los Angeles cop partnering with an Orc, a mystical creature that lives alongside humans and elves.

The buzz for the movie has reached 11 million viewers that have watched the film in just 3 days on the service.  But,  the reviews have been terrible.  Netflix spent $90 million on the project and despite the poor reviews, the viewers have watched.

It’s the first big budget film by Netflix and it enlisted the UFC to recruit its young demo to watch.

There appears to be some sort of promo in which one of the film’s main character is squaring off with Travis Browne.  The character, Max Carlyle, has his own twitter handle.

Payout Perspective:

Look for “Bright” to be a part of the sponsor list this Saturday.  With Endeavor’s contacts in the entertainment business, we could see more of this integration of the UFC brand with companies.  In the video above, Matt Serra and Dana White make cameos.  Notably, the UFC Instagram post, states that it was paid by Netflix.  This brings up a question as to whether the streaming service could be a media partner when the company’s rights deal is up.

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