Nick Diaz petition reaches over 60,000 signatures

September 28, 2015

An online petition to the White House to overturn Nick Diaz’s 5 year suspension rendered by the Nevada State Athletic Commission this month has surpassed 60,000 signatures.

Nick Diaz tweeted the following:

A fan started the petition on September 14th and it is up to 61,283 signatures as of this writing.  It needs to reach 100,000 signatures by October 14th.  What happens if it reaches its goal?

According to the web site, if it reaches the signature threshold the White House will review the petition and then make a decision whether to do something or nothing.

The White House plans to respond to each petition that crosses the signature threshold, which you can view on the Terms of Participation page. In a few rare cases (such as specific procurement, law enforcement, or adjudicatory matters), the White House response might not address the facts of a particular matter to avoid exercising improper influence. In addition, the White House will not respond to petitions that violate We the People’s Terms of Participation. In some cases, a single response may be used for similar petitions.

The web site explains the right and reason to petition here.

Previously, an MMA fan started a petition to have Paige VanZant shave her head after she apparently promised to do so but never did.  That petition only has 139 signatures.  It needs over 99,000 by October 6th for review by the White House.

Payout Perspective:

Realistically, the White House petition will not overturn the NAC decision even if Diaz’s petition reaches 100K signatures.  It is unlikely that the White House will deal with a state administrative matter.  This issue would and should be handled by the state.  We will likely see this in the form of a lawsuit to seek judicial review.  However, the groundswell of support for Diaz may get local Nevada lawmakers to take note and seek to address the NAC.  Moreover, it will educate people about the NAC, its rules and how individuals are appointed to the position.  There is an opening on the Commission and certainly this is an opportunity for a politician to grab the momentum in seeking an appointment from the Governor.

2 Responses to “Nick Diaz petition reaches over 60,000 signatures”

  1. Robert jones on September 28th, 2015 9:51 AM

    Nick Diaz and a 5 year suspension is completely un just and shows the lack of professionalism which borderlines Criminal fron NAC. Please help !!!!!

  2. mmaguru on September 30th, 2015 8:51 AM

    I can see this petition getting national media attention, not just with sports networks. I would be interested to see the petition reach the goal. They are now at 63K+.

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