NAC finally tests Belfort

November 2, 2014

Yahoo! Sports first reported that the Nevada Athletic Commission has tested Vitor Belfort.  The report indicates that Belfort submitted to both blood and urine samples in Florda where he is training for his February 28th fight with Chris Weidman.

It will take two weeks for the results to become known.

The news comes shortly after news surfaced that the NAC had not randomly tested Belfort despite strong comments during Belfort’s NAC hearing in July.  The report indicated that the NAC would turn over the drug testing duties to the California State Athletic Commission as it was revealed that is where Belfort-Weidman would take place.

The lack of testing seemingly drew the ire of the middleweight champion.

After learning of the Belfort test, Weidman was pleased.

Payout Perspective:

One has to think that the test was done in light of the public scrutiny and/or lobbying of Weidman.  Otherwise, it seemed like the NAC would have just let the CSAC take over.  But, NAC Executive Director Bob Bennett claims that the NAC always had planned to test Belfort even with the news of the bout in California.  We will see what transpires with the test results in a couple weeks.

Coker issues statement regarding Bellator 127 drug test failures

November 1, 2014

As a result of the failed drug tests of 4 of his fighters at Bellator 127, Scott Coker issued a statement addressing what is a PR issue for the Coker administration.

Via Bellator press release:

I want to make very clear that under new management, Bellator will simply not stand for performance enhancing drugs inside our cage,” Bellator President Scott Coker said. “We fully support the California State Athletic Commission in their process, and standby any disciplinary action handed out by Commissioner Andy Foster and the CSAC.  Fans, media and our athletes need to have a clear understanding that drug use will simply not be tolerated by Bellator.”

The following fighters failed post-fight drug screenings for the following reasons:

Keith Berry – Elevated testosterone levels, marijuana.

Nick Moghaddam – Elevated testosterone levels, marijuana.

Rob Emerson – Designer performance enhancer (Modafinil)

Fernando Gonzalez – Marijuana  

 Payout Perspective:

While you might say that marijuana is a de minimus offense, it should have been known by these guys that the drug is not legal and would be tested for by the CSAC.  Coker had to make a statement considering the amount of fighters that failed tests at the same event.  Yet, the statement infers that the previous regime allowed PED use (or at least was lax in its enforcement).  Certainly, if Coker had come out with a statement that Bellator would institute some type of drug testing policy, his statement would have more bite.  We shall see what Bellator does to ensure that PEDs are not used by its fighters from this point going forward.

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