PPV History – Taking a look at UFC 161 main eventers

June 14, 2013

MMA Payout takes a look at the prior PPV history of UFC 161’s main event fighters.   This time around we take a look at Rashad Evans and Dan Henderson and Roy Nelson and Stipe Miocic

Rashad Evans

There’s a cliff that some fighters fall off of in their career and Evans’ last PPV appearance against Little ‘Nog could have been the perilous steps before falling off.  One might argue that it was Evans that pushed Chuck Liddell to the edge of the cliff with his stunning KO of Liddell at UFC 88.  Henderson could provide the punch to make Evans obsolete.

At UFC 108, Silva was a substitute for Rampage and Ortiz was a substitute at UFC 133 at a time when Ortiz had a resurgence of his career.  Notably, these two shows had low PPV buy rates.  I realize we dip a little deep with Evans’ past history but look at the buys for 92 and 98 where the buys were reported at 635K and 1M.   Impressive compared to the buys we see regularly now.

UFC 156 Antonio Rogerieo Nogueira (L) February 2, 2013 330,000 PPV buys
UFC 145 Jon Jones (L) April 21, 2012 700,000 PPV buys
UFC on Fox 2 Phil Davis (W) January 28, 2012 4.7M viewer average
UFC 133 Tito Ortiz (W – TKO) August 6, 2011 310,000 PPV buys
UFC 114 Rampage Jackson (W) May 29, 2010 1.05M PPV buys
UFC 108 Thiago Silva (W) January 2, 2010 300,000 PPV buys
UFC 98 Lyoto Machida (L – KO) May 23, 2009 635,000 PPV buys
UFC 92 Forrest Griffin (W – TKO) December 27, 2008 1M PPV buys


Which fight is not happening Saturday?

Which fight is not happening Saturday?

Dan Henderson

We leave out several of Henderson’s appearances on Strikeforce and focus on mainly his UFC appearances since his return to the company against Rampage.  His last fight was a disappointing loss to Lyoto Machida at UFC 157.  We recall that the event was headlined by Ronda Rousey and drew well.

UFC 139 featured Henderson and Rua in a 5 round classic.  Wanderlei Silva knocking out Cung Le and Urijah Faber taking out Brian Bowles were also featured on the card.  Henderson also appeared in one of the co-mains at UFC 100 with his memorable KO of Michael Bisping after their coaching stint on TUF.

Henderson’s defeat of Fedor ranked fourth all-time in Strikeforce-Showtime history but still has to be one of the biggest fights the company had on the network.

As many recall, UFC 75’s fight versus Rampage Jackson scored 4.7 million viewers on Spike TV.  Very good numbers considering that UFC on Fox 2 scored the same rating.

UFC 157 Lyoto Machida (L) February 23, 2013 450,000 PPV buys
UFC 139 Mauricio Rua (W) November 19, 2011 290,000 PPV buys
Strikeforce: Fedor v. Henderson Fedor Emelianenko (W – TKO) July 30, 2011 571,000 viewer average on Showtime
UFC 100 Michael Bisping (W – TKO) July 11, 2009 1.6M PPV buys
UFC 93 Rich Franklin (W) January 17, 2009 350,000 PPV buys
UFC 88 Rousimar Palhares (W) September 6, 2008 480,000 PPV buys
UFC 82 Anderson Silva (L – Submission) March 1, 2008 325,000 PPV buys
UFC 75 Rampage Jackson (L) September 8, 2007 4.7M viewer average on Spike TV


Roy Nelson

The only good part about Nelson’s comments about Daniel Cormier this week was that it wasn’t done on twitter.  Aside from that, there wasn’t much positive about calling Cormier “Uncle Tom.” At 36, Nelson is still a solid attraction due in part to his KO power.  Just look at how most of his fights end.

UFC 159 Cheick Kongo (W – KO) April 27, 2013 550,000 PPV buys
TUF: Carwin v. Nelson Finale Matt Mitrione (W – TKO) December 15, 2012 1.3M viewer avg on FX
UFC on Fuel TV 1 Phil De Fries (W – KO) February 15, 2012 217,000 viewer avg
UFC 146 Dave Herman (W-KO) May 26, 2012 560,000 PPV buys
UFC 143 Fabricio Werdum (L) February 4, 2012 400,000 PPV buys
UFC 137 Cro Cop (W – TKO) October 29, 2011 280,000 PPV buys
UFC 130 Frank Mir (L) May 28, 2011 325,000 PPV buys
UFC 117 JDS (L) August 7, 2010 600,000 PPV buys
UFC Fight Night: Florian v. Gomi Stefan Struve (W – TKO) March 31, 2010 1.6M viewer avg (via MMA Payout Blue Book)
TUF: Heavyweights Finale Brendan Schaub (W-KO) December 5, 2009 3.7M viewer avg (via MMA Payout Blue Book)


Stipe Miocic

Miocic is not really a main event fighter and his UFC resume will not scare Nelson especially since his last fight was a TKO loss to Stephan Struve, someone that Nelson knocked out.

UFC on Fuel TV 10 Stephan Struve (L – TKO) September 29, 2012   313,000 viewer avg
UFC 146 Shane del Rosario (W – TKO) May 26, 2012 560,000 PPV buys
UFC on Fuel TV 1 Phil De Fries (W – KO) February 15, 2012 217,000 viewer avg
UFC 136 Joey Beltran (W) October 8, 2011 225,000 PPV buys


Payout Perspective:

Another summer, another Canadian card that fell victim to the injury bug.  But, Renao Barao v. Eddie Wineland and Shogun v. Little Nog probably would not have moved the dial dramatically.  Evans-Henderson is a very good fight but there’s no support on this card for a casual viewer to buy this PPV.  It will be very interesting to see where the buy rate lands for this card.

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