GSP releases health and fitness app

May 16, 2013

The Sports Business Journal reports on Georges St. Pierre’s health and fitness app as the latest in his portfolio of sponsorships. In addition to his recently released book, “The Way of the Fight,” GSP has been tabbed to do voiceover work for the animated film, “Monsters University.”

GSP remains busy despite successfully defending his title last month against Nick Diaz.  The app comes due to the collaboration between GSP’s agents at CAA and developer Zolmo. The app, named “Touchfit” is $6.99 and GSP has an equity stake in the venture although specifics were not mentioned.

GSP’s agent at CAA, Nez Balelo, detailed the difficulty he had at first in finding sponsors for GSP as he had to educate them on who he is and what he did. The article notes that Gatorade and Under Armour were the two big deals that separated GSP from other MMA fighters in terms of sponsorship.

In addition, (of Toronto) reports that he will voice a character in the Quebec French language version of the prequel to Monsters, Inc.

Payout Perspective:

The GSP brand continues to roll.  The app coincides with the release of his book, “The Way of the Fight.”  GSP’s voicework on the Quebecois/French Canadian version of “Monsters University” is his second film this year as he was tabbed to play a villain in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” slated for release next year.  GSP has carved out a solid portfolio of work that will eventually carry him to his post-UFC career.

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