The pro wrestling post: WWE stock, Lesnar’s sponsors and TNA-Bellator working together?

April 21, 2012

Before we all sit down to watch one of the biggest hyped UFC fights of 2012, MMA Payout gives you the weekly pro wrestling post.

WWE stock plummets to 52 week low Thursday

Despite breaking records with its PPV buys for Wrestlemania 28, the WWE’s stock hit a 52 week low on Thursday.  The depression in stock comes a couple weeks before it announces its first quarter results.  WWE reports first quarter results May 3rd.  The company is spending a lot of money right now as it attempts to build its WWE Network.

Payout Take:  The 52 week low may be attributed to the high aspirations for its PPV buys.  The WWE Network and its Film Division are the two culprits in the WWE empire that are losing money for the company.  While the WWE is addressing the issues with its film unit, it is the expenses for the WWE Network that may be a ray of hope for the company in the future.  Although it missed its original target date for its debut, if it can find distribution deals and a fan base and advertisers that will be willing to pay, the WWE may be onto something.  But, that’s a big “if”.

Lesnar allowed to wear his sponsors in the WWE

Despite jumping to the WWE, Brock Lesnar is keeping his sponsors.  According to, one of the clauses in his contract was that he could still wear his sponsors while in the WWE.  Currently, the WWE characters are sponsorless.  Jimmy Johns is one of the bigger sponsors Lesnar will be wearing to the ring.  I don’t believe the WWE has an official sandwich maker for the company so there were no conflicts.  It will be odd to see Lesnar in the ring wearing gear that he wore in the Octagon.

Payout Take:  Not only does Lesnar get a $5 million contract from the WWE, he will still be paid by his UFC sponsors for wearing the gear.  This is a bonus for his sponsors considering that he will be in front of a much bigger audience.


TNA to work with Bellator when it heads to SpikeTV

Despite renewing its contract with Spike TV, TNA wrestling is still retooling its product.  News has surfaced that TNA heads Dixie Carter and Eric Bischoff have met with Spike TV execs to discuss the direction of the product.  TNA has contacted Bellator about ways that each company can help one another once Bellator comes aboard to Spike in 2013.

Payout Take: This can benefit both companies…or, it could hurt each company.  While both cater to the network’s target demographics, involving Bellator in TNA angles may disturb the Bellator product and blur the lines of real and sports entertainment.  Spike execs, TNA and Bellator will have to be creative in collaborating on cross-promotion.

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