Jim Miller signs sponsor deal with Bass Pro Shops

March 12, 2012

Jim Miller has landed a sponsorship deal with outdoor retailer Bass Pro Shops for his main event fight against Nate Diaz on UFC on Fox 3 May 5th according to Miller’s agent Oren Hodak. The deal includes logo placement and promotional appearances outside of the octagon.

Via KO Reps:

KO Reps is proud to announce Bass Pro Shops as a sponsor for Jim Miller who will headline the UFC on Fox event May 5th.  Bass Pro Shops is a natural fit with Jim, so we are very excited about the partnership.  Along with logo placement the deal will also include other promotional events outside of fight night.  We will kick things off by giving out a few gift cards via social media.

“When not training or spending time with my family it is no secret that I enjoy being outdoors or working in my workshop,” said Miller about the sponsorship deal,  “Walking into a Bass Pro Shop is like opening up gifts on Christmas….there are so many great items in the store, that I don’t know what direction to head first.” Miller added,  “It feels great to be the first fighter representing Bass Pro in the Octagon.”

In addition, KO Reps confirmed that Miller will have Microtech and Venum as returning sponsors for UFC on Fox 3.

Payout Perspective:

The Bass Pro Shops sponsorship is a good deal for Miller as its not only a mainstream sponsor but it joins a sponsor with a fighter that has an outside interest in the sponsor. The fact that Miller likes the outdoors makes him much more of a brand ambassador for the company since he already is a fan of the outdoors. Also, the deal includes outside promotional appearances which helps Miller increase his own personal brand as an MMA Fighter and outdoor enthusiast. A win-win deal for both Bass and Miller.

(Miller photo via KO Reps)

3 Responses to “Jim Miller signs sponsor deal with Bass Pro Shops”

  1. billybob on March 12th, 2012 12:21 PM

    This here sounds like a perfect fit. Congrats to Mr. Miller. I hope he smashes Diaz for 25minutes!!!

  2. BrainSmasher on March 12th, 2012 4:19 PM

    Great Sponsor. We are starting to see some higher level companies start to come into MMA. Something they wouldnt do if not for the UFC banning mom and pop stores from getting on fighters short(therefore in the cage) for a case of beer. With the UFC on Fox it was is important now more than ever to appear higher class to get the big endorsements. Im sure this is likely the highest paid sponsors Miller has had as the UFC has basically put a reserve on sponsors bidding and drop up their price.

  3. CodeMaster on March 12th, 2012 8:19 PM

    Congratulations to Jim Miller.

    This is a big sponsor and a good sign for the future of MMA sponsorship.

    Sponsors tend to herd behavior, and as a few of the group move into MMA sponsorship, the rest will soon follow.

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