Canadian Prime Minster gives counterpart GSP gloves

March 27, 2012

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper presented his Japanese counterpart with a signed pair of UFC Georges St. Pierre gloves during his weekend visit to Japan to discuss trade.

Prime Minister Harper presented Prime Minister Minister Yoshihiko Noda with the gift as the two nations discussed trade and investment between the nations.  


Payout Perspective:

While it’s a tradition for diplomats to exchange gifts, this is the first time that UFC memorabilia has been given as a gift.  Without looking too much into the gift, it is a sign that the UFC is gaining mainstream momentum – at least in Canada.  Prime Minister Harper could have gifted a hockey stick or puck but decided with the signed GSP gloves.  It also shows how much MMA is thought of in Canada and perhaps goes to the boasts by Dana White that GSP is bigger than Gretzky in Canada.

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