Torres back after twitter termination

January 5, 2012

MMA Fighting reported last week, Dana White reinstated Miguel Torres after he was let go 20 days prior for an inappropriate tweet.

Torres had sent a quote from FX television show, “Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” which caught the ire of White.

Via MMA Fighting:

A soft-spoken Torres said he visited five different rape crisis centers in the Chicago area, donating money and talking with the people there about the power his words have, even in an off-hand attempt at humor on Twitter, he said

Payout Perspective:

Although this occurred last week, its an interesting case of impulsive administration rectified. Another example of this occurred in October when Nick Diaz was taken off the UFC 137 card after no-showing two press conferences. He was then put back on the same card against BJ Penn.

Certainly, the UFC can do what it pleases in terms of disciplining its fighters. However, Torres’ dismissal appeared not planned out thoroughly. Its debatable whether Torres should have been fired for his tweet after Forrest Griffin had a tweet mentioning rape. But, Griffin is higher in the fighter food chain than Torres. The UFC could have just suspended Torres for a period of time. Realistically, a suspension has the same effect of discipline yet does not have the stigma of a termination. It would have still had the same message to other fighters to be weary of what you tweet.

From the standpoint of Torres, he was admirable in doing the right things to try to get back with the UFC. Its good to see someone that makes no excuses and is proactive with their career. Obviously, Torres’ underlying goal in visiting rape crisis centers was getting back to the UFC. However, the interview seems like Torres took away some valuable information.

The good news is that White accepted the meeting with Torres and then let him back in. With social media so much part of the UFC, it would be best if the UFC designed a set of rules for fighters to abide by so as to not get in trouble. Although this may have been hashed over at last year’s fighter summit, it appears that a refresher course may be necessary. As the UFC moves forward with its relationship with Fox, it must present and maintain an image to the new viewer. Standards and practices for fighter behavior should be known and not just subjective. There will be obvious cases where a fighter must go (Paul Daley sucker punching Josh Koscheck), but Torres case seems like the punishment did not fit the crime.

5 Responses to “Torres back after twitter termination”

  1. Birdman on January 5th, 2012 9:06 PM

    good thing he’s back

    hopefully he got some exiting fights left in him

  2. BrainSmasher on January 6th, 2012 1:53 AM

    I dont think there is enough proof that Torres was brought back because Dana made a mistake like i keep hearing. We have all got in trouble and got punished and asked for a second chance. Torres admitted already he and his people had many talks with the UFC and all but begged for his job back. Just like punishing a kid and taking it back and giving him a second chance when he says he is sorry. That doesnt mean the kid didnt deserve punishment and it doesnt mean you were felt you were wrong to give him a punishment. Torres got a second chance. That is it. Anything more is just adding your own opinion on whether the punishment was excessive. I felt it was at first then realized it wasnt the first comment of the type Torres has made. So it casts doubts on his tv show quote excuse. It showed a pattern of being desensitized to the subject of rape. Torres got a second chance and is likily a better man because of it. Which may not have been the case if he got a warning rather than being fired and unemployed for a few weeks.

  3. Diego on January 6th, 2012 6:55 AM

    Dana made a mistake letting Torres go. Dana has a tendency to make snap judgments, but he’s never afraid of revisiting his decisions and reversing himself if he feels it’s justified. This is a case where the punishment did not fit the crime – especially when you consider how other fighters have been treated. Torres made Dana’s job easier by doing all the right things to get himself back in to the UFC, but Dana’s initial reaction was much too harsh.

    This does not change my opinion on the inherent dangers of social media. It’s not good to broadcast jokes you tell your buddies to a global audience.

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  5. BrainSmasher on January 6th, 2012 3:57 PM

    “This is a case where the punishment did not fit the crime – especially when you consider how other fighters have been treated.”

    That is your opinion and it isnt shared my myself and many others. Given the facts there is nothing to suggest Dana made a mistake. He has stood firm in his opinion of what Torres did and has explained why he feels Torres was different than what the others have said. Torres wasnt spare of the moment slip of the tongue in a heated dispute in a live press conference like Evans. Torres was premeditated and had no reasoning behind it. He wasnt calling anyone out. He just made two creepy posts about rape for no reason.

    But like usual it is the fans who over react and Dana’s decision turned out best for Torres and the UFC.

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