Edgar visits Jets for 2nd straight year

October 17, 2011

MMA Fighting reports that UFC lightweight champ Frankie Edgar visited the NY Jets to inspire the NFL team for tonight’s Monday Night Football matchup. Coach Rex Ryan invited Edgar back after he visited the team last year.

Coach Ryan is a fan of MMA and has used the term “Ground and Pound” to describe his team’s run game. Jets QB Mark Sanchez credited Edgar’s speech last year as motivation for the team’s win that week.

Payout Perspective:

Edgar’s return visit to the Jets is good for his personal brand and shows that the UFC is becoming more mainstream among NFL players. With people from the NFL becoming fans of the sport, personalities like Edgar become more visible and widely known among a greater group of sports fans. It doesn’t necessarily mean that NFL fans will convert to the UFC but it adds a level of credibility. But, with the new Fox deal, UFC fighters like Edgar will become more recognizable when the network plays promos.

One Response to “Edgar visits Jets for 2nd straight year”

  1. Diego on October 18th, 2011 5:23 AM

    Jest won. Chalk up another victory for Frankie.

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