Michael Vick to sign endorsement deal with MusclePharm

July 15, 2011

NFL.com reports that Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick is close to signing a  3 year $1.55 million endorsement deal with UFC sponsor MusclePharm. It would be the biggest endorsement deal Vick will sign after returning from 19 months in prison.

Jason La Canfora of NFL.com writes that the endorsement deal would be for 2 years and an option for a third. It would include bonuses for Vick making the Pro Bowl and the Eagles making the playoffs and Super Bowl.

More from La Canfora:

Vick would have a social media responsibility with the company, and the ease with which he works with MusclePharm executives would help determine whether or not the third year is picked up. Vick also would receive $100,000 in MusclePharm stock per year, and base compensation would be $200,000 in the first two years and $250,000 in the third.

Payout Perspective:

Winning changes how people think of you. (see also Tito Ortiz) Many thought Vick was washed up when he returned to the NFL. Sponsors had dropped him seeing his image as wrecked. However, Nike recently re-signed Vick after releasing him in 2007. MusclePharm had experienced some cash flow problems last year but has since been able to rectify the situation. Its unlikely that MusclePharm will receive the scrutiny from animal groups that Nike may have in sponsoring Vick. It will be interesting to see how Vick will be used in MusclePharm’s marketing strategy.

With the Vick signing, it makes the third NFL player (Chad Ochocinco, A.J. Hawk) in recent weeks to enter into a sponsorship with an MMA brand. It will be interesting to see how many more NFL players-MMA brands come together.

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