TapouT introduces new phone

April 18, 2011

TapouT is partnering with MetroPCS in rolling out a new “Tapout”-edition Huawei Ascend cell phone. The phone includes preloaded virtual training ceneter videos and wallpaper.

To promote its release, TapouT is traveling cross-country and blogging about its journey. Here is its visit to ATT.

The TapouT crew visits American Top Team Gym in Coconut Creek Florida from Sanctioned by TapouT on Vimeo.

Via CNet.com:

The Huawei Ascend’s Tapout edition will be available within the next few weeks, MetroPCS said in a statement. The Tapout Ascend will cost $199 with $50 instant rebate, and that’s without a contract. In addition, two mixed-martial-arts fighters, will visit select MetroPCS stores to promote the handset and the Tapout brand. MetroPCS is offering an additional 20 percent off of Tapout merchandise and a free trip for those who buy the phone.

Payout Perspective:

This past weekend we featured an MMA phone app and today is an MMA-themed phone. Its another sign of the burgeoning popularity of MMA as it moves into different markets. The promotional tour is an interesting idea as the TapouT guys travel around to promote the phone and visit MMA gyms. The tour is reminiscent of Tapout’s show on Versus in 2007-2008.

2 Responses to “TapouT introduces new phone”

  1. el chango on April 18th, 2011 6:08 PM

    Some interesting views about MMA fans perception of the Tapout brand appeared at MMA Junkie’s “Sunday Junkie”. It seems a lot of MMA fans view the brand in a negative light. They see it as associated with “Dbags” and they wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a Tapout t-shirt.

    Also, they see brand as something of a past ear. No longer relevant to were MMA is at today. Most thought the brand’s look is just awful. If i’m the new owner of Tapout, I would be a little concerned that so many fans see my brand that way.

  2. Jason Cruz on April 18th, 2011 10:04 PM

    el chango,

    I think that we may be seeing a change (not a drastic one), but more of a shift to a “lifestyle” design. Take the Tapout track suit. It is much more toned down and looks like something a regular sportswear company would make.

    But there is a give and take. Although some may think that the clothing designs are too much, Tapout is catering to a certain demographic that like (and are buying) the t-shirts. If Tapout changes, will they lose customers?

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