MMA Elite introduces sports drink

April 29, 2011

MMA Elite rolled out its new sports drink to the masses at the UFC Fan Expo in Toronto on Friday. The fighting and lifestyle brand believed that the sports drink was a “natural progression” for the growth of its brand.

 (Via MMA Elite)

Via press release:

MMA Elite® has secured a licensing deal with Sirius MMA, Inc., a group founded by Bryan Lindsey, a Las Vegas based entrepreneur, and James Akers and the team at Wit Beverage (WBC), to market and distribute a naturally flavored sports drink in North America. Lindsey was first introduced to UBM in February 2010 and has since generated numerous distribution deals with UBM across a broad range of consumer products, for both domestic and international markets.

Lindsey states, “This is an opportunity to bring a naturally flavored sports drink with ‘No High Fructose Corn Syrup’ to a growing worldwide audience and to the professional athletes of the fastest growing sport in the world. Sirius MMA and WBC feels this will be a lucrative deal with a global reach and is proud to be associated with MMA Elite®, the largest MMA lifestyle brand in the world.”

“UBM realized that entering into this product category was a natural progression for the growth of MMA Elite® as a lifestyle brand while remaining solidly intact with its core fan base and the athletes themselves. Considerable time and effort has been put into the drink profile so that MMA Elite® is able to offer a unique alternative to the products currently available”, said Steven Jolna, president, UBM.

Payout Perspective:
As an official partner of the UFC, MMA Elite’s new sports drink will not conflict with Xyience, which is the official energy drink of the UFC. BJ Penn (pictured above) showed up at MMA Elite’s booth today to help promote the sports drink. It will be interesting to see how the new sports drink will be marketed and whether fans will purchase the drink.

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