THQ & UFC Announce “Fight Nation” Game on Facebook

February 3, 2011

THQ Inc. and Zuffa, LLC today announced the latest edition to their sports videogame franchise with the launch of UFC Undisputed Fight Nation, the first official UFC Facebook game.

The interactive experience, developed by Embassy Interactive and available on Facebook at, allows players to take control of their virtual UFC careers in a fun and engaging environment by training moves, competing against others and sharing their results on Facebook, as well as enabling them to successfully manage their progress for the opportunity to compete against many of the UFC’s most renowned fighters.

“We are excited about the tremendous opportunities available in the social networking space to deliver key franchises to our core audiences in unique and compelling ways,” said Danny Bilson, Executive Vice President, Core Games, THQ. “UFC Undisputed Fight Nation delivers a great combination of gameplay, competitive spirit and replay value, making it the perfect fit for millions around the world to enjoy on Facebook.”

In UFC Undisputed Fight Nation, players train with guidance from UFC President Dana White to master moves from multiple mixed martial arts disciplines, compete against friends and other Fight Nation members inside the virtual OctagonTM and share their results on Facebook as they progress from student to professional in their virtual careers. Players are given access to a number of mixed martial arts camps to build their arsenal of moves, including wrestling, kickboxing, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, as well as the ability to decide which moves are taken into each fight.

Through successful management of fight experience and training, players will “level up” their fighters to reach new career milestones, unlocking access to items such as new training camps and more skill points to build fighting and training needs, including energy, health and stamina. Players will also earn Cred for their achievements, enabling them to acquire items from the in-game store to train specific moves, access new camps, replenish health and increase stamina. A UFC Points system is available for those who wish to progress their careers faster and purchase the items through monetary transaction, while a Gifting option lets players show respect to their friends by sending them complimentary boosts of energy, stamina or health to aid their progress.

As part of the UFC Undisputed Fight Nation experience, the accomplished player will earn opportunities compete against and learn moves through Pro Fights from a number of today’s most prominent UFC fighters, including current champions Cain Velasquez, Anderson Silva, Georges St-Pierre and Frankie Edgar. As well, players will have access to a live Twitter feed, keeping them up to date on the latest UFC news and events.

Payout Perspective:

The UFC has shown a great deal of focus on social media as of late, mostly directing fans to access their Facebook page to watch live prelim fights and now, in conjunction with THQ, releasing UFC Undisputed Fight Nation.  I’ve stressed what a powerful tool social media has become to MMA promotions, and the UFC is taking full advantage of the reach Twitter and Facebook gives them.

The UFC is hoping to create an interactive community here, one where fans can come to watch fights, play games, and interact with other members which they are able to track and collect information to analyze and further improve attacking their target market and demographic, not to mention the interaction the game will create between their audience and their brand. Facebook reaches over 600 million people and is one of the fastest growing social entities in the world. Heavily focusing on the social media platform now appears to be the priority for the UFC at this moment, hoping to cash in on the investment in the long run as it sets itself apart from other sporting leagues around the world.

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  1. Diego on February 4th, 2011 5:54 AM

    Clever. They don’t leave any opportunity on the table. I won’t be playing it, but I can see it being a good way to further the brand.

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