GSP v. Koscheck: T-Shirt Edition

December 10, 2010

Before they enter the octagon at UFC 124, pay attention to the walk out of Georges St. Pierre and Josh Koscheck as they will be wearing t-shirts of their respective sponsors: Affliction and Dethrone.

The GSP shirt is touted as a limited edition Affliction shirt with only 500 made. With a price point of $57.99, its more than buying the PPV (if you purchase the PPV on DirecTV HD – $54.95).

Josh Koscheck’s  Dethrone “walkout t-shirt” is not a limited edition, but comes in all black and all red (pictured) and has a “Kos” logo. Koscheck’s shirt is “reasonably” priced at $27.99.

Payout Perspective:

Similar to replica jerseys in team sports, for fight fans, t-shirts are a practical way to support your favorite fighter. Although many people do not like the huge designs, depictions of destruction, skulls or devils, I expect many fans wearing Affliction and Dethrone gear at the fight on Saturday. As for the two shirts above, I think the price point for GSP’s t-shirt is too expensive for an average MMA fan. Even a $28 Koscheck shirt seems a bit high, but is much more manageable on the wallet.

It would be a nice coup for Dethrone if it could claim to have the UFC Heavyweight Champ and the UFC Welterweight Champ. Possible slogan: “The brand of champions”?

*Note: I realize GSP may be wearing his gi during the walkout, but he should have his shirt on at the end of the match.

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  1. mikki1959 on June 28th, 2016 8:12 AM

    I do not agree.

    – Mikki

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