Updated: Hayabusa Fight Wear Out, Now In For UFC 100

June 30, 2009

Add another brand to the recent spate of clothing lines being banned from the Octagon by the UFC. MMAPayout has learned that Hayabusa Fight Wear, a brand favored by Canadian fighters like Denis Kang among others, has just been added to a list of blackballed brands that includes Rolling Stone, Dethrone, and One More Round.

Updated: Our inside source with negotiations between the UFC and Hayabusa reports that Hayabusa is now back in the good graces of the UFC. “They were never 100% banned, but they worked out whatever needed to be discussed,” was the word coming back on talks between the two. The two parties seem to have to some understanding on terms to avoid the expulsion, with the threat of banishment being used as tactic in negotiations. So Hayabusa is good to go for UFC 100.

Steve Sievert of MMAJunkie should be commended for his early reporting on these sponsor issues, as well as Sam Caplan for breaking the first concrete examples of this policy being instituted, especially the $100,000 fees that have been put in place to access fighters. Kudos to the writer at Yahoo with balls for calling the UFC on these moves when they were first rumored. I’d love to see follow-ups from Steve amd Maggie now that this has come to fruition.

This policy has been going on for a while, with managers mentioning a sponsor tax on occasion but loathe to attach a dollar figure to the amount. The top tier players in apparel (and mma apparel retailing) are either giving up points in their company or have being paying the fee for quite a while. At this point, the big fish have been snagged and the UFC is now rounding up the stragglers.

This is a situation that has been brewing for quite a while, and one that we have commented on. In our piece for SI.com, we noted that the UFC would move to become the central conduit through which all sponsor dollars would flow. They are looking to institute trickle down economic theory on the world of MMA sponsorships, where the big dollars are deposited at the corporate level with the UFC, with the minor amounts trickling down to the fighters. The $100,000 dollar fee is lining the UFC’s pockets, but at the same time is shifting the primary relationship in sponsorship from the Fighter/Manager combo and the sponsor to the sponsor and the UFC. With the fighter/sponsor relationship altered, the portability of sponsorships if one leaves the UFC is lessened. With the UFC controlling all the moving parts of revenue for fighters, the specter of the UFC moving towards 360 deals is becoming increasingly probable. For all of the reasons above, the shift in Sponsorships in the UFC doesn’t bode well for the fighter.

MMAPayout's Philpott Talks MMA Legalization On The Showdown Radio Show

June 30, 2009

MMAPayout.com contributor Kelsey Philpott recently sat down with Joe Ferraro on The Showdown Radio to discuss the issues surrounding MMA’s current battle to be legalized in key areas of the world, including Ontario and New York. Check out a podcast of the discussion here.

UFC 100 To Air On Televisa in Mexico

June 30, 2009

Jaime Martinez with The NHB Show has news on the UFC finding a broadcaster for UFC 100 in Mexico. The show will air live on Televisa. Televisa is one of the two big networks in Mexico, the other being TV Azteca, so this should provide for an excellent clearance for UFC programming. The TV deal looks to be a prelude to an event in Mexico in the future, judging from comments UFC President Dana White made to Mexican paper El Universal:

Of course, our prime objective is to bring a live UFC event to Mexico in the next year. We always knew that Mexico is a market we wanted to be in. UFC 100 is a great event with great fights, three of which will be featured on our live fight card. It’s a great opportunity to introduce the UFC to Mexico.

[Mexico] is just like the U.S. in that professional wrestling is very big; but we know that there are fans who love real fights. We know that we had to construct a solid foundation in the U.S. We are now the largest pay-per-view event in the world. We beat out boxing and the WWE. Now, Mexico is a priority for us.

This deal joins the WEC deal that was done recently with the WEC airing on Cadena Tres in Mexico. Zuffa also provide a wealth of Spanish language programming through their deals with “El Octágono del UFC” on Galavision and Fox Sports Espanol’s carriage of the WEC.

What Effect Will The UFC Magazine Have on Current Print Players?

June 29, 2009

The UFC announced the release of their UFC 100 commemorative magazine, which is something of a trial balloon for a full roll out of the magazine. MMAPayout reported earlier that the UFC 100 magazine idea was more than what is was being sold as, with internal Zuffa chatter tabbing the commemorative issue as a pre-cursor to a full blown monthly magazine.


Dana White was asked on his twitter account if this was more than a one off and answered that “The first mag hits stands this week. We will see how it does then decide.” Those sentiments were echoed by the Editor in chief of the magazine, in his appearance on Fox Fight Game:

It seems to be a bit of a foregone conclusion, that the powers that be are paying lip service to the idea of holding off to decide. Pretty much everything they are touching is turning to gold. Editor Seth Kelly noted the excellent ad sales in talking with Mike Straka. The UFC magazine is being done in co-operation with the folks behind Men’s Fitness, who have done very good business at the newsstand whenever they have featured UFC fighters on the cover. With the UFC’s databases and the subscription rolls for MF, the combined efforts of the two should make for a strong start-up from a subscription basis as well.

With UFC Magazine possibly coming into the market full time, the question that arises is, Whither the MMA print media? There are multiple players in the market, including TapouT Magazine, Ultimate MMA, Real Fighter, Fighters Only, and Fight!. Fight! is the highest profile in the domestic market, while Fighters Only has an international reach with editions for the US, Canada, The UK, and Germany. I would view these two as being the main parties impacted by the UFC mag coming to market.

With the UFC entering the market, do the MMA print mags get the Sherdog treatment, with credentialing and photo usage being pulled, now that they are ostensibly competing? Or do they get MMAWeekly’d, with some degree of reasonable access being given? I’d probably lean toward the latter, as the general coverage by the big two is uncritical. With the exception of the Roger Huerta piece that appeared in Fight! that rattled a few Zuffa cages, little that appears in big two would deserve a heavy handed approach by the UFC, but to paraphrase Will Munny, deserved often has nothing to do with it. The coverage is generally pliable, and heavily leaning towards the Zuffa duo of the UFC and WEC (with Josh Barnett being being the only non-Zuffa fighter to grace the Fight! cover.) The MMA fan would be well served with these guys keeping credentials, but such a criteria often doesn’t enter the equation when bottom line decisions are being made.

Shine Fight Promotions Hits Miami, Florida on August 1, 2009

June 29, 2009


Roan Carneiro vs. Jorge Patino

Ryan Healy vs. Luiz Buscape

Flavio Alvaro vs. Jean Silva

Carlo Prater vs. Milton Vieira

Junior Assuncao vs. Jadyson Costa

Anthony Morrison vs. Micah Miller

Venessa Porto vs. Ediene Gomes

Live From The James L. Knight Center in Miami, Florida on August 1, 2009

MIAMI, FL (USA) – Shine Fight Promotions (Shine Fights) announces a change in the line-up for Shine 2: American Top Team vs. The World. Replacing Bellator veteran, David Branch versus Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu ace, Fabiano Capoani is now Miami, Florida native, Herbert “Whispers the Gorilla” Goodman. With the remaining bouts including UFC/PRIDE, Jungle Fight (Brazil) & WEC vets: Micah Miller, Junior Assuncao, Carlo Prater, Ryan Healy, Luiz Buscape, Venessa Porto, Anthony Morrison, Ediene Gomes and the main event, Jorge Patino and Roan Carneiro, Shine 2 will be one this the most stacked cards of world-class athletes to ever hit Florida.

Adding to an already stacked card is Herbert “Whispers the Gorilla” Goodman, who trains out of the world-renown gym, The H.I.T. Squad (Hughes Intensive Training) owned by former UFC Welterweight champion, Matt Hughes. This Homestead, Florida native made his first foray into professional athletics when he played the running back position for the Green Bay Packers from 1999-2003. His next stop was the Indianapolis Colts for the entire 2004 and finally his career ended with the Cincinnati Bengals at the end of 2005. Once the football dream was over another opportunity unexpectedly appeared.

“Actually after ’05 I got cut by the Bengals and I went to Southwest Senior high where I taught for two years and then I went and watched one of my friends fight and I said, ‘man I could of whooped both of you guys,’ he was like yeah whatever (laughs). I told him when they stopped his fight that I knew when the next one is at so I figured if I trained for two weeks, you know, I knocked my dude out in 27 seconds and after that I pretty much became hooked.”

Starting his professional mixed martial arts career in 2007, Goodman won his first two fights without seeing the second round by submission and TKO, respectively. After a few losses he went on a four fight win streak before a controversial decision win followed by a recent string of losses. Now ready to get back in the winner’s circle, Goodman is ready to step in the Shine cage against Fabiano Capoani, a member of Florida’s renowned gym, The American Top Team.

“I give credit to Shine for inviting me into the organization. Fabiano is a jiu-jitsu guy, I’ve seen one film on him when he fought Hector Lombard (May 2008) but I don’t know much about him. I don’t run from anybody I’ll fight anybody; just give me enough time to get in shape and I’ll fight anybody. I’m just looking for the opportunities and I’m sure I’ll come out victorious. “

With his entire family, friends and supporters guaranteed to be in attendance the night of August 1st 2009 when his official homecoming occurs at The James L. Knight Center in downtown Miami, Florida. The man known as Whispers is ecstatic for the possibilities.

“I’m excited that my family and my friends get a chance to watch me. My whole family: my mom, my aunties, my sisters, my grandparents, everybody. It’s like 25 minutes from where I stay and I already told my friends and family that I’m coming down there and everybody is pretty much excited spreading the word that I’m coming home to fight. I always get a chance to tell people about the fights, whether I win or lose, but now they get the opportunity to see first-hand.”

About Shine Fight Promotions, LLC

Shine Fight Promotions, LLC is a U.S. based enterprise that seeks to raise the awareness of the art, discipline, respect, passion, and talent that is mixed martial arts (MMA) to the global marketplace. Founded by MMA Fighter/Thai Boxer, Dorian Price along with his brother, Devin Price, Shine is committed to the growth and development of MMA creating a positive experience for both fighters and fans. Shine works diligently to put on fights that fighter’s want and that fans want to watch by arranging the most competitive and interesting matches. Shine Fight Promotions seeks to grow through innovation, high production values, dramatic and engaging fights, and the promotion of authentic MMA.

About Shine 2: American Top Team vs. The World

As the second event of Shine Fight Promotions, American Top Team vs. The World is appropriately named for the multitude of talent from Florida’s largest mixed martial arts gym. Shine Fight Promotions matchmakers, Ron Foster and Dorian Price, both fighters themselves, are committed to scouring the globe to pit only the best fighters against one another. The Shine 2 card has been filled with fighters from the best training camps and MMA gyms from across the world including: Randy Couture’s Xtreme Couture MMA (Las Vegas), Matt Hughes’ H.I.T. Squad (Granite City IL), American Top Team (Coconut Creek FL), Renzo Gracie Academy (New York, NY), Hybrid Academy (Virginia Beach VA), The MMA Institute (Richmond VA), Buckeye MMA (Columbus OH), Strong Style MMA (Cleveland OH) and The 808 Fight Factory (Honolulu HI).

UFC Announces Chinese TV Deal

June 29, 2009

Today the UFC announced that it has signed an agreement with China’s Inner Mongolia Television to distribute its mixed martial arts content: 

“Obviously China is a huge market and the Chinese understand the martial arts probably better than anyone else in the world.  It’s a no brainer that UFC programming will be appreciated in China, and will become a big hit for the NMTV network,” said Dana White, UFC President.


Inner Mongolia Television, known as NMTV, is a network broadcast station available in 80 million households, with the potential to reach 240 million viewers throughout all the provinces of China. Starting this month, NMTV will air up to 16 hours of UFC programming per month, including the trademark shows The Ultimate Fighter®, UFC® Unleashed and UFC® All Access, with an option to air recent UFC pay-per-view event telecasts.


With this deal, NMTV will air between one to four hours of UFC programming each week on Saturday and Sundays between 1:30-5:30 pm local time, broadcast in languages specific to each province.


UFC television programming can be seen in over 100 countries and territories worldwide in 17 different languages. UFC is the largest pay-per-view content provider in the world and is the fastest growing sports organization in history.

Payout Opinion:

The recent TV deals in countries like South Korea, Japan, and now China indicate that the UFC is going about its international expansion the correct way: they’re trying to build a foundation before moving in with live shows. It would be ridiculous to think that just because martial arts originated in the Far East that the UFC would be an immediate live-show and PPV success in the region. Thus, they’ve got to start slowly.

This all reminds me of the discussion we had last year, as a community, when Lorenzo Fertitta revealed that even countries like India were on the list for future live events. I reminded everyone then, as I will now, that despite the massive size and economic potential of nations like China and India, these are still areas with massive discrepancies in living standards – not to mention, general interest in the sport of MMA.

The UFC has enough on its hands just trying to get a foot hold in America and Western Europe, nevermind conquering Asian oddities like communist China or turbulent India. 

However, by slowly planting the seeds in Asia, the UFC is preparing those countries in advance; and, without a great deal of effort, either.

The TUF series and Fight Nights, if marketed correctly, will build their own following and that may open the door to local/regional promotions to begin with live events to further bolster support for MMA in the country.

WCF 7 Play by Play and Results

June 28, 2009

World Championship Fighting 7

Aleppo Shriners Auditorium in Wilmington, Massachusetts

Notables in attendance are UFC vets Jorge Rivera, John Howard, and Sean Gannon. Kevin James from the King of Queens was also there, mobbed most of the time by fans looking for a photo.

Dan O’Keefe (MMAT Center) vs. Saul Almieda (Rivera MMA/Dragon Lair)

145 Lbs.

Round 1- Both come out hot exchanging hard punches. Saul lands a high body kick and pulls guard with a guillotine attempt. He transfer onto his knees, where O’Keefe leaves his head exposed. Almeida then attempts a modified Peruvian neck tie, by using his legs and arms to go for the choke, After struggling for a while, O’Keefe finally taps.

Saul Almeida def. Dan O’Keefe by submission 1:16 Round 1

John Walsh vs. Marcos Escalante (BMAC)

170 Lbs.

Round 1- Marcos shoots in but gets caught with a hard knee to the chin. After wrestling on the ground they end back up on their feet. Walsh pulls guard and goes for a guillotine, but loses it quickly. The referee pauses the fight due to a cut on Walsh’s face, in the middle of his forehead. After a minute, they restart in the middle of the ring with Walsh on his back. He goes for a triangle choke, and locks it in. Marcos keeps his posture high, not allowing the air to completely be cut off. Walsh keeps the move in for awhile, but never getting it cinched in. Eventually, Escalante breaks the hold and stands up.Walsh lands a solid right hook, but is immediately taken down. Marcos throws several hard knees to the body in side control, and opens up the cut a little more as the round ends.

Round 2- Standing in the center of the ring, Marcos gets an easy single leg takedown and goes into guard. John looks to pull another triangle, but Marcos counters to side control. He then moves to mount easily. Josh tries to battle it off, but then gives up his back and is flattened out. Marcos then goes for the rear naked choke, and the fight is over.

Marcos Escalante def. John Walsh by submission 1:24 Round 2

Steve Beck vs. Noah Wiseman (BJJ Revolution)

155 Lbs.

Round 1- They immediately go to the clinch, Noah lands a series of strong knees and punches. The battle moves into the corner, still going for position. Continuing to clinch, they move to the center of the ring, where Noah takes it to the ground. Wiseman quickly goes to take Beck’s back and looks for a rear naked choke. At first, the choke is on the chin, and isn’t tight. Noah then readjusts it, and Beck is forced to tapout.

Noah Wiseman def. Steve Beck by submission 1:50 Round 1

Nelson Gaipo (Rivera MMA/Dragon Lair) vs. Ryan White (SSSF)

Round 1- They meet in the center and clinch. Both fighters exchange knees to the body. Gaipo gets in a rhythm and lands a few in a row, eventually dropped White. Ryan White lays on his stomach, and takes several hard punches by Gaipo and the referee stops it.

Nelson Gaipo def. Ryan White by TKO 1:31 Round 1

Jeff Silva (Premier Fight Team) vs. Zack Burhans (Bombsquad)

135 Lbs.

Round 1- Zack lands a left kick to the body to start the fight. Next, the two feel each other out for a while until Burhans hits an accidental groin kick to Silva. After a quick break, Silva charges in but gets nowhere. Standing up, Jeff kicks in but is caught, and Burhans lands a shot that drops him. Zack hovers over him while Silva looks for a leg lock. Burhans lands a strong right to the head and goes to half guard. Silva pulls into full guad, but Zack lands a few more shots as the round ends.

Round 2- Both take the center, with Silva missing with a head kick. He follows it up with a lunging haymaker that misses as well. Burhans gets a takedown and Silva looks fatigues, but has his right arm trapped. Zack breaks guard and lands a couple shots to the top of the head, then stands up. Silva goes for another leg lock, and then pulls Burhans back into guard. The referee stands them up with little time remaining in the fight. Burhans secures another takedown after Silva misses on a home run punch.

Zack Burhans def. Jeff Silva by Unan. Decision (20-18, 20-18, 20-18)

Aaron Petrucelli (Mass BJJ) vs. Aniss Alhajjajy (BTT)

155 Lbs.

Round 1- They touch gloves to start and move around the center of the ring. Aniss hits a left inside leg kick, and they begin to clinch against the ropes. Petrucelli goes for a flying triangle but misses. Aaron stands back up and lands a knee to the body while working the clinch. Alhajjajy returns the favor with a knee to the head. Aaron looks for a takedown, both fighters scramble on the ground until they get back to their feet separated. Aniss hits a kick combo to the leg and body. Back inside the clinch, Aniss knees him to the body. Now on the ground with Alhajjajy on top, he gets reversed by Petrucelli and is now on his back. Aaron stands and misses a punch as the horn sounds.

Round 2- The two exchange kicks. Aniss goes for a flying kick a la Jose Aldo but misses. Now back in the clinch with no damage being made. They break, with Alhajjajy goes for a left head kick that is blocked by Aaron. Petrucelli can’t get a trip takedown, as the ropes keep his opponent upright. Once again in the clinch, they trade punches and knees. Petrucelli now has a cut above his right eye. Aniss takes the fight down, and Petrucelli’s attempt to get up to stumped. The fight ends with Petrucelli on his knees, and Alhajjajy holding position on top.

Aniss Alhajjajy def. Aason Petrucelli by Maj. Decision (20-19, 20-19, 19-19)

Nick Evangelous (Fenix Fight Club) vs. Matt McKusker (Champions)

155 Lbs.

Round 1- Evangelous misses a hard right hand to start while McKusker gets his jab to work. Nick gets a takedown next to the ropes in open guard. Matt works a keylock but loses it. Evangelous postures up and starts throwing bombs in the corner. Nick then moves to half guard with his posture up. He then starts throwing continuous left hooks, and the fight is stopped.

Nick Evangelous def. Matt McKusker by TKO Round 1

Featured Bouts

Travis Bartlett (Irish) vs. Guillermo Echuaca (Zulu)

205 Lbs.

Round 1- Echuaca waits for Bartlett in the ring doing a split on the canvas. The crowd is heavily behind Bartlett, from Team Irish. They begin in the center with Bartlett throwing hard shots from odd angles. Echuaca keeps the center of the ring, and throws a kick that lands in Bartlett’s groin. After a short break, they touch gloves, with Travis connecting on a overhead left to the chin. Echuaca throws a kick to the body, but it is caught, and thrown down. In a throwing exchange, Guillermo accidentally lands a finger in the eye of Bartlett, and the fight is paused for Travis to recover. The referee allows him five minutes to recover, as he attempts to get his vision back. Looking up at the lights, the crowd becomes restless and boos the lack of action. The referee reassures Echuaca that it was accidental, but to stay clean. He then brings the doctor to check the right eye, and action begins. Bartlett begins with a left kick to the body, then the leg. Both exchange punches, but Bartlett stays in the pocket. He continues to throw, and drops Guillermo with a left hook. He jumps immediately and finishes the fight.

Travis Bartlett def. Guillermo Echuaca by TKO 2:28 Round 1.

Tom Moreau (Valor) vs. Don Carlo-Clauss (Bombsquad)

170 Lbs.

Round 1- Moreau takes the center of the ring, but Carlo-Clauss lands the first jab of the fight. After a quick exchange with both fighters getting hit, they clinch in Moreau’s corner. Don knees Tom in the thigh several times, but neither fighter is advancing position. Moreau lands a few innocent punches to Carlo-Clauss’ back. Despite being in the corner, Moreau is landing more offense with Don maintains his position. Moving out of the corner, Carlo-Clauss grabs a hold of Moreau’s leg. Tom attempts a standing guillotine, but his opponent falls through the ropes. Now standing, both throw wildly from the pocket, but not much landing on either end. With 10 seconds left, Carlo-Clauss shoots for a takedown and gets it as the round expires.

Round 2- In between rounds, Moreau stands up but shakes his hand out. Carlo-Clauss sits, and appears to be winded. Don lands a left leg kick, but Tom maintains the center of the ring. Carlo-Clauss is now bleeding from his nose, and takes another punch to the chin. Moreau charges in, but Carlo-Clauss grabs him and looks for a takedown. Moreau lands on his back with full guard. Don tries to advance position, but takes a few punches and bleeds more. He stands up, jumps back into full guard, but not making much headway. Moreau flips the script and is on top. He goes for a submission, but loses it quickly and ends up on his back. Carlo-Clauss stands up and kicks Moreau to the body as the round ends.

Tom Moreau def. Don Carlo-Clauss by Maj. Decision (19-19, 20-18, 20-18)

Greg Rebello (Sit Yod Tong) vs. Jerry Spiegel

190 Lbs.

Round 1- Rebello gets a huge pop by walking out to Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”. Spiegel takes the center, and they exchange hard leg kicks. Rebello keeps moving around the ropes, but neither fighter is enforcing their will. Spiegel throws a head kick that misses, Rebello grabs under hooks and takes the fight into a neutral corner. Greg lands a stiff knee to the ribs of Spiegel. Rebello eventually gets a takedown, but Jerry is still sitting up. The fighters talk to each other as they fight for position. Rebello hits a few right hands and he ends up in Spiegel’s closed guard. Still in the same corner, Jerry does a nice job controlling the movement of Rebello, who still throws punches to the body. Spiegel pops up to his knees, and they battle for position as the round ends.

Round 2- Spiegel once again takes the center of the ring, but both fighters come out swinging hard. Rebello charges in for a takedown in Spiegel’s corner, but can’t fully get him down. Now in side control, Jerry has a hold of Greg’s head, but there is no danger. Rebello sits through in side position now, and rains down several hard right hands. They Spiegel regains full guard, but Rebello continues his assault from above. Jerry looks to reverse the position, but gives up half guard now with Rebello still landing the same shots. Moving to side control again, Spiegel looks to get out by moving to his knees, but Rebello has a hold of his head. Keeping a firm grip, Rebello sends him back down into half guard. Speigel stands up as the round ends.

Greg Rebello def. Jerry Spiegel by Unan. Decision (20-18, 20-18, 20-18)

Scott Rehm (Pro Elite/Florian MMA) vs. Elias Rivera (Dog Pound)

185 Lbs.

Round 1- Rehm gets a loud cheer for being local. They stand in the center and dance, waiting to make the first move. Rivera throws a leg kick, then backs away. Rehm returns the favor, but Elias catches the leg and connects on an over the top right. Rehm backs away, and throws a right, but Rivera counters with a series of shots. The fight moves to the ground, with Rivera going for a heel hook. Scott makes his way out, as the two scramble along the ground, with Rehm hitting a hammerfist to Rivera’s chin. As they scramble, Rivera grabs ahold of Rehm’s leg and goes for a reverse heel hook. Rehm can’t get out this one, and taps out.

Elias Rivera def. Scott Rehm by submission 2:43 Round 1

John Benoit (Renzo Gracie NH) vs. Damien Trites (Wai-Kru)

155 Lbs.

Round 1- Both local fighters receive warm reactions. They touch gloves, and move around the ring until Trites lands a strong leg to the left knee of Benoit. Trites charges in with a barrage of punches that miss, but cause John to fall out through the ropes. Back standing in the center of the ring, Benoit’s leg kick is caught, and Damien knocks him down with a right cross. Trites then follows it up with another kick to the left knee. Benoit reciprocates with the same offense. Benoit is on the defense, but lands a nice counter punch that briefly rocks Trites. Damien has blood showing from under her nose, as Benoit begins to take control. Benoit lands an overhead right, followed up by a kick to the leg. John stays in the center. Damien looks for a takedown, but John goes for a guillotine, but falls through the ropes again. Restarting in the center, Benoit stops a takedown attempt from Tries, and ends the round with one of his own.

Round 2- Benoit begins the action with another strong leg kick. Trites charges in, but gets in no damage. John is connected successfully on many leg kicks, which are starting to take effect on Damien’s mobility. Benoit now uses his jab, but Trites shoots in for a takedown to no avail. Trities loads up for a superman punch but misses over John’s head, Damien goes for a takedown, but John stops it. Still grappling, Trites slams Benoit down hard. Trites is on top, but Benoit is the one dictating action as he attempts a keylock. Trites punches John in the body, and breaks the hold, ending up in half guard. John counters to his knees, and eventually ends up in Damien’s guard

Very action packed fight, the most exciting thus far.

John Benoit def. Damien Trites by Maj Decision (20-18, 20-18, 19-19)

Rodrigo Almeida (BMAC) vs. Calvin Kattar (Premier Fight Team)

155 Lbs.

Round 1- Receiving one of the louder pops of the evening, Kattar walked out to Hulk Hogan’s “I am a real American.” Almeida takes the center, and take roughly 30 seconds to feel each other out. Rodrigo shoots in for a takedown, but Kattar does a nice job sprawling out as they continue to clinch near the ropes. Eventually, Kattar takes Almeida down ending up in mount. Kattar isn’t landing much offense, and is holding onto his position. Almeida gets the fight back up, and immediately goes for another unsuccessful takedown. Clinched in the corner, Rodrigo lands a knee to the body. Kattar grabs his opponent’s head, and jumps into a tight guillotine. Now on the ground with the choke in, there’s no where for Almeida to go, and the fight is over.
Calvin Kattar def. Rodrigo Almeida by submission 2:16 Round 1

Dan Keefe (Brickhouse) vs. Woody Weatherby (Renzo Gracie NH)

185 Lbs.

Round 1- Meeting in the center, Keefe connects on a few stiff jabs and a leg kick to start. Now clinching in the corner, Weatherby is up against the ropes preventing a trip takedown. The fighters move from one of the ring to another, until Keefe trips Woody down and lands in side control. Keefe is landing a few right elbows to the forehead of his opponent. Weatherby gets to his feet quickly and they stand toe to toe. Weatherby throws out a jab, and they clinch. Woody connects on back to back knees to the ribs of Keefe. Still in the clinch, Keefe has his opponent against the ropes once again. Weatherby looks towards a hip toss, but the two separate. Keefe counters with a solid jab, but Weatherby follows it with a combination that shakes The Ghost. At the end of the round, Weatherby charges in with a kick, and punch that lands just after the horn.

Round 2- In between rounds, the doctor is advised to a cut over the left eye of Keefe. Starting the round, Keefe gets a takedown, ending up in half guard. Keefe isn’t punching, but looking to advance his position, but ends up in Weatherby’s rubber guard. Controlling Keefe’s movements, neither fight is getting in any shots. In the corner, Keefe finally breaks out and begins to rain down some shots. The referee has they stand up again. Both fighters are more aggressive, landing punches. Keefe jumps into a takedown, landing in Weatherby’s guard in the corner. Moving to half guard, Keefe hits his opponent with a strong right and left before Woody closes up guard. Weatherby attempts a triangle choke in the center of the ring, but Keefe postures up to break the hold. The round ends with Keefe in side control, landing knees and then jumping up.

Round 3- There was a majority draw after the first two rounds. Woody misses a right jab, and receives an inside leg kick from Keefe. Keefe throws another kick to the legs, and then both exchange some punches. Keefe ducks under one, and secures a takedown ending up in guard. Keefe is locked up, but throwing elbows from his position. Keefe postures up landing a few hammer fists. In the closing seconds, Weatherby goes for an arm bar but the horn sounds before any damage is made.

Dan Keefe def. Woody Weatherby by Unan. Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Gymtops.com A Leader in MMA Apparel News and Trends

June 26, 2009

MMA fans love to show off their acceptance of and affiliation to the lifestyle by sporting a vast array of MMA gear. Fortunately for all the MMA apparel addicts, Jay Tillery with Gymtops.com had the foresight to develop a blog dedicated to the Mixed Martial Arts gear enthusiasts. Whether a fan or apparel business, Gymtops is a go to site for the latest news and trends in the apparel business.

was launched with a two pronged focus. The mission statement for Gymtops, Jay said, “For the MMA Apparel fan, we hope we are able to keep the MMA gear enthusiast informed of cool products within their lifestyle without having to have a million sites bookmarked.” “For MMA businesses, We try to provide a platform that will allow apparel companies to promote their gear to a wider audience and keep their customers informed of the latest and greatest news on gear.”

Launched in August of 2007 by Jay Tillery, Gymtops.com was born from a love of combat sports and a bit of curiosity. Tillery was watching UFC/K1 and noticed the fighters entering the ring/cage with different tee-shirts and shorts. This was just a first step, as Jay puts it, “Then I started to notice the brands and got curious to find out the meaning behind each and how deep MMA merchandising was…and it was very deep. I found a bunch of brands from around the world and thought it [a blog] would be an excellent resource for curious minds like mine.”

Gymtops.com offers up a ton of great information. Gymtops gives you the newest and best in MMA apparel but also often the story behind the brands. Maybe you know the brand VAS, Victory Amongst Soldiers, but you probably didn’t know that it is a division of VASYLI International, an Australian company that’s been pumping out high-quality foot care and footwear products for over 25 years. Were you aware that Contract Killer was the brainchild of pro paint-baller John Marques and designer Chris Corcino? These are just some of the interesting back stories you get on the merchandise featured on gymtops.

Gymtops.com covers all the big players in the MMA apparel game but is also keen to keep an eye on all of the nascent labels that are bubbling up in the mma apparel market. Jay stated “The sport is already growing at an alarming rate. We get so many emails about new products from apparel companies we never heard of, and some of the things locals are doing for the sport is insane.” Gymtops provides a spotlight for these future players on the MMA business landscape.

The site also offers multiple contest giveaways to its’ rabid readers. Kimurawear, Triumph United, and Silver Star are among the brands that have recently participated in these contests. Gymtops.com try to do giveaways before each major UFC event, with one always around the corner. “We will have some pretty cool contests in the future. Stay tuned,” said Tillery.

Limited Edition Prints of MMA Champion GSP Now Available

June 26, 2009

Somerset, MA, June 26, 2009 —- Georges St-Pierre (GSP) and nationally-renowned artist Brian Fox have teamed up to offer fans the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Champion’s first-ever, individually autographed limited edition prints.

The 100-piece deluxe signed and embellished canvas prints, measuring 30” x 40 and priced at $599.00, are now available for purchase online at www.brianfoxstudios.com or the newly-redesigned www.gspfightclub.com. In addition, fans may purchase the artwork at GSP’s booth, # 731, at UFC 100’s Fan Expo.

UFC Fan Expo will be held Friday and Saturday, July 10-11, 2009, at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, coinciding with UFC 100, the biggest event in mixed martial arts history.

“I love this painting,” said Georges St-Pierre. “I’m a good guy, and when I fight, I am another guy. Brian’s work shows that to me. He is a master on his canvas, and I am a master on mine. I hope my fans love it as much as I do.”

For more information on GSP’s 100-piece limited edition giclée, visit www.brianfoxstudios.com.


New Territory Equals New Promotions, the UCFC in Pittsburgh

June 26, 2009

            This past February, the state of Pennsylvania finally passed legislation to regulate the sport of mixed martial arts. It took 19 months for the many committees and politicians to finally give the green light for MMA regulation in the Keystone state.  The UFC quickly capitalized on one of the markets, with plans to hold UFC 101 in August in the historical fight town of Philadelphia. But as diverse the state of Pennsylvania is, contact sports are popular throughout. On Saturday, this theory will be tested for the brand new Ultimate Cage Fighting Championship.

             Looking to make an immediate splash in the MMA world is the UCFC, headed by Kenny Holtzman, his wife Tiffany, and brother Gregg, owners of Still Standing Productions, LLC. The trio are going all out for their first event, Rumble on the Rivers, at Pittsburgh’s Mellon Arena. There is an impressive debut card featuring UFC veteran Rich Clementi against WEC vet Kyle Jensen in the main event, along with several other notable names such as Micah Miller, Phil Davis, and Paul Bradley. Also looking to pull in Pittsburgh football fans, former Steeler offensive guard Carlton Haselrig is on the card.

            In this family run and operated promotion, each person has their own job. Tiffany works with the outside ticket sales, while her husband Kenny works with sponsors, and brother Gregg handles advertising, promotions, and negotiations with the arena. Gregg is a businessman that attended Roy Englebrecht’s Fight Promoter University last year to learn the ropes of putting on a fight.

            “It was just the best experience for me, as it gave me the knowledge, and more important the confidence that I could be a successful fight promoter,” said Gregg, the VP of Still Standing Productions. “It allowed me to price my tickets correctly, realizing the type of show I was offering.”

            Englebrecht owns Roy Englebrecht Promotions, which is the third largest boxing and MMA promoter in California. He has run five classes at FPU, with Holtzman’s ending this past November. That’s when Gregg got the ball rolling on the event this Saturday in front of his hometown.

            “I wanted to bring MMA, a sport finally sanctioned in PA just this year to my hometown of Pittsburgh, plus I am a huge MMA fan,” said Holtzman.

            Home of the Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins, the arena holds 16,940 for hockey and 17,537 for basketball. MMA fans can think back of notable promotions like the IFL and Elite XC that tried to get too big too quick, however Holtzman says that’s not the case with his show. They’ve also been getting help from one of the sports’ biggest stars.  

            “Roy’s philosophy of any first show has to be the best, as he says “You don’t get a second chance at making a good first impression”, so we are spending more on the entertainment portion, as well as a few more dollars on the fight card which Paul Domenech has done such a great job in matchmaking,” said Holtzman. “We have had Tito Ortiz in town all week doing three to four appearances a day, so that has just make a huge impact and really build the buzz in town.”

            The Huntington Beach Bad Boy threw out the first pitch at a Pirates/Indians game at PNC Park on Wednesday evening as apart of his promotional work this week. Based on how well the nine fight card on Saturday goes, the UCFC plans to have two more events this year, and have plans to put on six to eight shows in 2010. Ticket prices range from $30 to $98.50 on ticketmaster.com. For more information, go to ucfc-mma.com.

Main Event- Rich Clementi vs. Kyle Jensen

Co-Main Event- Micah Miller vs. JC Pennington

Co-Main Event- Phil Davis vs. David Baggett

Paul Bradley vs. Leonardo Pecanha

Carlton Haselrig vs. Shawn Jorden

James Brasco vs. Matt Brown

Dave Sachs vs. Brock Kerry

Angela Magana vs. Meghan Wright

Joe DeMore vs. Jason Trzewieczynski





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