Jon Jones avoids jail time in plea deal from April incident

September 29, 2015

Jon Jones appeared in a Albuquerque, New Mexico courtroom today regarding last April’s hit and run accident which injured a pregnant woman.  Jones will not receive any jail time as part of a plea agreement.

Jones agreed to plead guilty to leaving the scene of an accident causing great bodily harm.  He will serve community service hours and be placed on 18 months probation.  The plea agreement was made in part due to the fact that Jones had no prior felony convictions.

The penalty for Jones’ charge carries a jail sentence of not more than 18 months in jail and/or a $5,000 fine followed by one year on parole.  Jones will avoid this if he abides by the terms of the plea deal.

Via the District Attorney News Release:

On September 29, 2015 Jones entered into a Pre-Indictment Plea with the State of New Mexico pleading Guilty to Leaving the Scene of an Accident (Great Bodily Harm), a fourth degree felony offense.  He was granted a Conditional Discharge, and ordered to serve a term of up to 18 months on Supervised Probation.

Appearing in court, Jones apologized and stated he accepts full responsibiulity for his actions.  Jones was ordered to complete 72 appearances, one for each of the 72 weeks in the 18 month Probation period.  Second Judicial District Court Judge Charlie Brown ordered those appearances should be at local martial arts academies, grade schools, and middle schools.  There, Jones will speak with Bernalillo County children about the importance of making good choices and how oine wrong decision can ruin everything for which they work so hard.

Jones offered an official statement expressing regret for his actions:

With regards to today’s decision made by the court, I am very happy to now be able to put this incident behind me. My actions have caused pain and inconvenience in the lives of others and for that I am truly sorry and I accept full responsibility. I have been working hard during this time away from my sport to grow and mature as a man and to ensure that nothing like this happens again. I have learned a great deal from this situation and I am determined to emerge a better person because of it. I apologize to those who were affected by my actions in this incident and I am hopeful that I will be given the opportunity to redeem myself in the eyes of the public, my family and friends as well as my supporters. I am not sure what the future holds for me but I plan to continue to do the work needed to be productive and successful in every aspect of my life. “

Dana White was present in the courtroom during the hearing.  The UFC offered its own statement (via MMA Fighting) in which it indicated that Jones was still suspended but their law firm would review the plea prior to a possible reinstatement.

The UFC organization is aware that Jon Jones reached a plea agreement with authorities in Albuquerque, New Mexico this morning stemming from charges associated with a motor vehicle accident earlier this year. As a result, UFC, through Las Vegas-based law firm Campbell & Williams, will thoroughly review the agreement before discussing Jones’ possible reinstatement to return to competition.

More information will be made available following completion of this review.

Payout Perspective:

This is likely the best outcome for Jones and the UFC.  Jones avoids any jail time (subject to following the terms of the plea agreement) and the UFC will likely reinstate him.  With this being Jones’ first offense and no major injuries from the accident, no jail time was a likely result.  White being in the courtroom was no surprise.  Despite the suspension, Jones is a vital part of the company’s success.

Browne reinstated after investigation inconclusive

August 28, 2015

The UFC announced that the investigation into allegations of domestic violence against Travis Browne is now complete.  Investigators determined that there was inconclusive evidence to support claims of the alleged abuse claims by Browne’s wife.

Browne was held out of International Fight Week activities as a result of allegations from Jenna Renee Webb that the UFC heavyweight had caused her bodily harm.  Webb posted pictures of her bruises she claimed were from Browne as a result of a February incident.  Browne’s representatives claimed that the allegations were unfounded.

The UFC launched an investigation using a former FBI agent with more than 25 years’ experience.  After a seven week investigation which included interviews “with multiple subjects associated with the principals, as well as the principals themselves.”  Based on the wording, it sounds as though Browne and Webb were interviewed in the investigation.



In an effort to provide the public with additional information regarding UFC’s investigation of allegations of domestic violence by Travis Browne, while honoring the competing interest of protecting the privacy rights of all the individuals who voluntarily cooperated in the investigation, UFC provides the following summary:

Upon learning of the posting of photographs on social media on or about July 8, 2015 by an individual reflecting bruises on their person and corresponding commentary that Travis Browne had committed the acts resulting in the bruising, UFC, through the Las Vegas-based law firm Campbell & Williams, began efforts to retain a third party to conduct a thorough, independent investigation into this matter.  In mid-July, Campbell & Williams retained a private investigator with more than 25 years of experience as a Supervisory Special Agent in the Federal Bureau of Investigation operating out of the Los Angeles Field Office and as a Special Inspector General for the United States of America. The investigator has overseen countless investigations involving thousands of witnesses and subject interviews.

As part of his nearly two-month investigation into the Browne matter, the investigator and his colleagues interviewed nearly a dozen individuals located in several states.  The interviewees included the principals of the investigation, former spouses, individuals with close personal relationships, and health-care professionals.  Additionally, the investigator obtained various forms of electronic data reflecting interactions of the principals with each other and third parties.  The investigation also included electronic and hand searches for relevant civil and criminal records, law enforcement service-call records, and the like.

Based on the abundant evidence gathered to date, the results of the investigation are inconclusive to support the claims of alleged domestic violence involving Browne.  Similarly, the evidence was inconclusive to support a finding that Browne had violated the UFC Fighter Conduct Policy.  The evidence gathered in the investigation has also been reviewed by Donald J. Campbell, Esq. of Campbell & Williams, a former state and federal prosecutor with extensive experience overseeing criminal investigations, who likewise concurs that the results of the investigation are inconclusive.

As a result of the investigation, Browne will be able to return to the octagon.

Payout Perspective:

Not a surprise that this was released on Friday without much notice.  The usual standard is that if you do not want to make a lot of news, you release news when most are not looking.  Of course, that rule was somewhat broken tonight when Dana White went on ESPN to announce a new date and relocation for a Ronda Rousey fight.

Notably, the UFC press release states that there was inconclusive evidence that the he violated the UFC Fighter Conduct Policy.  The evaluation of whether the fighter violated the conduct policy was not stated in the Anthony Johnson third-party investigation just a couple days ago.  I’m sure many people will scrutinize the wording of the Browne release when the investigation found “inconclusive” evidence.  Certainly one might speculate that there was some evidence found regarding the possibility of domestic violence but not enough (in the minds of the investigators) for a jury to find Browne guilty of a crime.  Of course, there is news that Webb may now press charges which may change everything.  But, if investigators had the opportunity to interview Webb and other witnesses that may have knowledge of the claims, it may feel like prosecutors would not pursue the case.  MMA Payout will keep you posted.

Should the UFC suspend the Diaz brothers or Khabib?

August 2, 2015

Ronda Rousey was the big story in the UFC last night with her 34 second victory at UFC 190.  However, the second biggest story in MMA on Saturday night may be a scuffle caught on video between the Diaz brothers and Khabib Nurmogomedov at a WSOF event in Vegas.

The raw footage (via MMA Interviews) shows Nick Diaz throwing a beer at Khabib and the group that he was with while security made an attempt to break up the fight.  Although security was able to break up the groups before anything big occurred, a small scuffle broke out before the Diaz brothers left the premises.

UPDATED:   More of the entourage brawl as the two sides fight inside Planet Hollywood.  Not a good look if you are the UFC.

Dana White was asked about the incident at the post-UFC 190 conference but could not comment about it since he did not have all the information surrounding the incident.  Obviously, the UFC will need to investigate the incident and gather facts about what went down.  The question is whether or not the UFC will suspend any of the contracted fighters involved.

The UFC Fighter Conduct Policy which the fighters (likely) agree to when signing their deals would govern a situation like this.

From the UFC Fighter Conduct Policy:

Fighters shall conduct themselves in accordance with commonly accepted standards of decency, social conventions and morals, and fighters will not commit any act or become involved in any situation or occurrence or make any statement which will reflect negatively upon or bring disrepute, contempt, scandal, ridicule, or disdain to the fighter or the UFC.

This contractual provision reflects the UFC’s broad requirement that its contracted fighters act in a legal, ethical, and responsible manner and avoid conduct detrimental to the integrity of the UFC organization.

Standard of conduct:

“…Responsible conduct advances the interests of the sport and the fighters.  Conversely, irresponsible conduct by a fighter tarnishes the reputation of both the affected fighter and the UFC and undermines the positive image set by other fighters.”

The policy goes on to list instances which fighters may be disciplined.  While the fight may not necessarily fit into one of the examples, it’s clear brawling at a public event (especially at another promotion’s event) can be construed as a violation.

World Series of Fighting has banned the Diaz brothers from all WSOF events following Saturday night according to MMA Fighting.

Payout Perspective:

The key language of the policy is that a violation of the fighter conduct policy “may” result in discipline.  The UFC could conclude, after an investigation, that the scuffle was inconclusive as to which group started it (sure the video shows the Diaz beer throw but what might have happened before) and may not assess a suspension.  But should the UFC suspend the fighters since its clear this is bad for the image of the UFC?  Clearly, this incident can be construed as a violation of the standard of conduct policy.

Nick Diaz is likely suspended due to failing his drug test this past February so the UFC might actually tack on another suspension in addition to whatever might happen to Nick with the NSAC.  As for Nate Diaz and Khabib, we shall see what the UFC does.

Unrepentant White discusses Duran dismissal

July 26, 2015

Dana White talked about the Stitch Duran release Saturday night on FS1 after UFC on Fox 16.  Instead of an explanation as to the dismissal, White was on the offensive with remarks about Duran in the classic strategy of changing the topic.

FS1’s Karyn Bryant interviewed White post-event and fed White the question about Duran so that he could clear the air.  Instead of an explanation of the dismissal, White chose to address the post-release comments by Duran in the video clip:

You can find the video here.

White indicated the name of cutman Don House as an individual he considered “close.”  So, like references, if any media decide to interview House, one would ensure that he would give a glowing account of working for the company.

Payout Perspective:

It’s a classic move to change the subject on a topic rather than address the actual issue.  It happens in politics all of the time.  Instead of focusing on the issue, the dismissal of Stitch Duran, White’s response related to Duran’s post-release response about the fact that he was not directly contacted by White about his release.  Duran gave an interview to Bloody Elbow commenting on the fact that cutmen were not included in the Reebok sponsorship deal and that they were losing sponsor earnings as a result.  Duran was released shortly after the interview.  White’s comments were the first public response after the firing.  Instead of an explanation on the release or acknowledging the UFC faux pas, White switched gears by commenting on whether or not he was friends with Duran.  That was not the issue.  The issue was why Duran was terminated.  Yet, White can now say he’s addressed the situation and that is final.

Reebok receiving criticism for Duran departure

July 23, 2015

Reebok is feeling the heat after the UFC let go of cutman Stitch Duran.  The official clothier of the UFC sent out a tweet in apparent response to UFC fans outraged by his dismissal.

Not even one month into its official partnership with the UFC, it is feeling the brunt of criticism from the fans.  The dismissal of Duran after he spoke out about losing out on sponsorship money due to the Reebok deal has angered the MMA internet community and Reebok felt compelled to respond.

MMA fans were not happy with Reebok taking over as the company’s primary clothing sponsor which eliminated many MMA brands from the octagon.  It also angered fans and fighters when the UFC revealed payouts from the sponsorships which were below those that fighters received and now Duran’s departure has drawn the ire of many that follow the UFC.

Payout Perspective:

For those that believe that Reebok is looking for a way out of this deal think again.  Despite the harsh criticism, the brand needs the UFC as much as the UFC needs Reebok.  Reebok is seeking to establish a niche in the fitness market and boost sales for its parent company, Adidas, in the U.S.  The uniforms are a big deal for the brand even though public opinion seems to be negative overall.  If nothing else, Reebok can say it is an official outfitter for one of the biggest female athletes today, Ronda Rousey.

As many know, Adidas is owned by Reebok and there was speculation that it wanted to sell off Reebok due to poor profits.  There were earnings warnings in 2013 and 2014 for Reebok and shareholders were concerned.  Add to that, Adidas has fallen for the first time to number 3 in the U.S. sportswear market behind Nike and Under Armour.  Even the creator of Crossfit made it known in a ’60 Minutes’ segment this year that Reebok should be sold  to “someone young, fresh, excited and willing to enter into the modern era of things.”

However, it appears that profits have turned around in 2015 for the brand and the future of the fitness market is looking bright.  According to a report by CBS Marketwatch earlier this year, Adidas indicated that it would not sell Reebok.  Could some of the brand’s newfound momentum be from the UFC deal?  Even if there is pushback from fans, Reebok will likely ride out the wave of discontent in hopes of a promising future.

UFC holds Browne out of International Fight Week activities

July 10, 2015

The UFC has suspended heavyweight Travis Browne from all International Fight Week festivities this week after pictures were posted by Browne’s partner, Jenna Renee Webb, alleging Browne caused her bodily harm.  Webb posted pictures and a statement on her Instagram account although it appears that she may not press criminal charges against him.

In a report from TMZ Sports, Webb said the images of her bruises were from a February incident allegedly with Browne.  Browne’s manager, John Fosco, responded on behalf of Browne stating that he denies the allegations of domestic abuse citing that Webb is trying to “smear” his name.  The pictures are a result of anger based on infidelity as Browne was with another woman according to the TMZ report.  Fosco indicated that decision to not take part in UFC activities this week was mutual and his client was happy the UFC was investigating the matter.

The UFC response is below.  It is not clear if the statement was released prior to Fosco’s statement or not.

“UFC is aware of the social media allegations made against heavyweight Travis Browne. The organization requires all athletes to act in an ethical and responsible manner, as mandated by the UFC Fighter Conduct Policy. UFC will not tolerate domestic violence or any other violation of the policy. Every athlete is deserving of due process and this situation, as with any official allegations, will be duly reviewed and thoroughly investigated by an independent party. In light of this news, Travis will not be participating in this week’s UFC International Fight Week activities in Las Vegas.

“The prevention of domestic violence and the education of the athletes is of the utmost importance to the organization. UFC holds its athletes to the highest standard and will continue to take appropriate action if and when warranted.”

Payout Perspective:

Domestic violence is a serious matter and the UFC responded appropriately. If the allegations are true, he will likely be suspended, fined or even let go by the company. Even if the accusations might turn out to be untrue, there would not have been anything to gain to have Browne representing the company during the biggest week of its year.  Browne may lose out on some financial opportunities as he was scheduled for appearances.  But, the UFC had to prevent him from doing them as it would only have been a public relations disaster. The UFC has an image to protect and it cannot be one with men who hit women.  Hopefully the truth will prevail here.

UFC 189 main event in jeopardy with report of Aldo injury

June 24, 2015

The main event for UFC 189 is in jeopardy as news surfaced that Jose Aldo has an injury and could be scratched from his July 11th fight with Conor McGregor.  There is no official comment from the UFC as the promotion is weighing its options and Aldo’s camp is determining whether he can still fight.

Brazilian news outlet Combate first reported Aldo suffered an injured rib.

If the fight is scratched, it will be a significant blow for the company as the fight has been the center of its promotion around the biggest weekend of the company’s year.   It has spent a significant amount of money on the fight as well as you may recall the lengthy world tour and Embedded recaps earlier in the year.

Although the co-main event is a respectable Robbie Lawler-Rory MacDonald fight for the welterweight title, the UFC has focused on Aldo-McGregor with little attention paid to the “other” title fight on the card.

Payout Perspective:

The worst case scenario is happening for the UFC right now.  It banked on an Aldo-McGregor PPV with White proclaiming it would do 1 million PPV buys.  While Lawler-MacDonald would still be a good fight, the promotion would lose out on a significant amount of PPV buys.  If they keep McGregor on the card, it would mean that the big fight between the two may not happen until the end of the year assuming McGregor does not get injured and Aldo’s recovery time.  If it takes McGregor off the card, it would be a blow as well since McGregor is a draw.

Then there is the case of Jose Aldo.  With his recent comments speaking out against the Reebok deal, he might not be in the UFC’s good graces.  Tack on this injury and you might assume Dana White is not his biggest fan.  If he decides to fight, it will be at less than 100% and you might expect McGregor going for Aldo’s ribs which could mean he loses his title to McGregor.  Similar to Cain Velasquez, Aldo has been saddled with injuries that has constantly kept him off of cards.  Unlike Cain, Aldo has not been a marketable draw until this fight.  Will he be influenced to go through with the fight or lobby to have it moved until he is better?

Warrant issued for Jones for hit and run

April 27, 2015

An arrest warrant has been issued for UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones as a result of a hit and run incident that occurred on Sunday in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  The charge indicates that Jones left the scene of an accident involving “death or personal injuries.”  There was not a death, but in the three car accident, a pregnant woman suffered injuries to her arm and wrist.

UPDATED:  Jones in custody.

According to the warrant, an off-duty police officer recognized Jon Jones at the scene as he watches UFC “all the time.”  The off-duty officer was in the area at the time of the accident.  He observed Jones at the driver’s door area of a silver Buick.  Jones was identified as the driver of the Buick.  Another witness at the scene observed Jones leaving the vehicle and then returning as he put cash in his pants from the Buick.

MMA Fighting reports that Jones will turn himself in.  The MMA Fighting article indicates a pipe with marijuana was inside the car Jones was apparently driving.

Jon Jones Warrant

Payout Perspective:

Based on the information at hand, the pregnant woman that was injured does not appear to have life threatening injuries or injuries that might affect the birth of her child.  Of course, that’s based on information we know at this time and this could change.  Hopefully not.  Notwithstanding that issue, the news of the latest trouble for Jon Jones is of huge concern for the UFC.  The UFC will come under fire for whatever decision it may make with respect to his fight next month.  From one perspective, if they keep him on the card while the investigation goes on there will be criticism.  If he is taken off at this point, it hurts the card and the UFC business.  We will see what happens to Jones in the coming days.

Jon Jones sought by New Mexico police for hit and run incident

April 26, 2015

MMA Fighting is reporting that UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones is being sought by Albuquerque Police in connection with a hit and run accident that occurred Saturday night.

A police spokesperson for Albuquerque’s police department indicated that Jones is being sought in connection with a woman’s car being struck Sunday morning by another car with the other vehicle leaving the scene.

Despite previous reports Sunday, Jones was not detained by the police nor is a warrant out for his arrest.  Furthermore, it does not appear whether Jones was the driver of the car the fled and whether he is in any way culpable for the hit and run.

Payout Perspective:

What might be just a misunderstanding and a non-issue blew up the MMA twittersphere with rumors running abound that Jones was off of May’s UFC 187 card as well as other speculative information.  Of course, the police have yet to question Jones.  A lot of the conjecture is based on Jones’ prior history which includes a DUI and a one night stint in a drug rehab facility for admitting to cocaine use.  One would hope for all involved, that Jones’ latest incident is a simple car accident.  If there is more to the issue, it could lead to another public relations issue in the weeks to come.

Court opinion in Bellator-Rampage lawsuit made available

April 9, 2015

A copy of the court opinion by Judge Karen Suter which granted Bellator MMA’s injunction in its lawsuit against Rampage Jackson was made public.

After oral argument on April 2nd, the Court issued its opinion on April 7th.  MMA Fighting provides a copy of the lawsuit here.

The court made it abundantly clear that it was not deciding the merits of the case and specifically that it was not deciding whether the contract between Bellator and Rampage was breached.  However, it made clear that Bellator had proved its case

Although the Court referred to several cases involving boxers that sign promotional agreements and then seek additional help from other promoters, the Court distinguished this case based on the exclusivity of Bellator’s agreement with Rampage.  It sided with Bellator in its argument that it was likely that Rampage breached its contract despite the arguments raised.

As previously stated, the Court found “clear and convincing” of the following on behalf of Bellator.  The four factors in determining a preliminary injunction are as follows:

  1. A substantial likelihood of success on the merits of the case;
  2. There is a substantial threat of irreparable damage or injury if the injunction is not granted;
  3. The “balance of harms” (threatened injury) weighs in favor of the party seeking the preliminary injunction;
  4. Granting an injunction would serve the public interest.

Some interesting points from the 25 page ruling.

  • The Court emphasized the exclusivity of the contract between Bellator and Jackson. It also stressed the fame and notoriety of Jackson as evidence that Bellator would suffer injury if Jackson were allowed to participate at UFC 186.
  • The Court did not buy the argument that Bellator breached its contract since it did not provide Rampage or his management with PPV summary report. The Court indicated Bellator had substantially complied with the information and that not providing the PPV summary was not a material breach of the contract.
  • Rampage’s claim that his fights were not adequately promoted by Bellator and the need to obtain the PPV summary was necessary fell flat. The Court ruled that there was no marketing provision setting a certain amount of money that was required to promote his fights.  Even without producing the summary report for PPV, there would be no breach since the actual compensation Rampage received was not in dispute.  Furthermore, the Court opined that Rampage offered no rationale for why Bellator would not want to market and promote one of the company’s top stars.
  • The Court sided with Bellator with its argument that if Rampage were allowed to fight at UFC 186, it would harm Bellator more than just monetarily, but from a reputation and brand standpoint. Bellator argued that the “MMA community” would denigrate Bellator if Rampage were allowed to leave for the UFC.  Moreover, Bellator argued that denying the injunction would be a sign to other fighters and their managers that they could just “ignore their contracts” and leave for perceived better opportunities.  Bellator also argued that if Rampage were to leave, Bellator would have lost out on the time and money it had invested in promoting him.
  • The opinion also notes that on December 4, 2014 Scott Coker claims to have notified the UFC that Rampage was still under contract while negotiations by Rampage to the UFC were ongoing. This seems to call into question how much the UFC knew about the Bellator-Rampage contract dispute.  It also calls into question the UFC’s decision to sign him and then put him on a card prior to a legal determination.

Payout Perspective:

In the end, Rampage and his legal team may win this court battle, but the first big decision out of this case falls in Bellator’s favor.  The Court opinion preventing him to fight at UFC 186 is not a good indicator of things to come.  Certainly, the Court made it clear it was not ruling on whether a breach occurred, but the threshold for proving a preliminary injunction is warranted is high (“clear and convincing” as opposed to “more likely than not”).  We will see what Rampage’s legal team decides on whether it will appeal the decision.

Another issue that was raised in passing was the knowledge that the UFC may have known about the contract issues with Bellator.  There could have been potential legal action between Bellator and UFC regarding interference with a contract but it seems as though Bellator did not want to pick that fight just yet.

MMA Payout will keep you posted on this.

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