Deontay Wilder sued by Dominic Breazeale for hotel melee

April 18, 2017

Boxer Dominic Breazeale and trainer Manny Robles have sued Deontay Wilder, Marcellus Wilder and Marriott international in the U.S. District Court of Central California as a result of a hotel altercation that happened this past February.  The lawsuit was filed on April 13, 2017.

TMZ Sports has footage of what occurred.  This happened post-event in Alabama after Wilder successfully defended his heavyweight title against Gerald Washington.  Breazeale, a contender for Wilder’s title, appeared on the undercard.  The melee occurred in the lobby of the Westin in Birmingham, Alabama.

The Complaint alleges that Marcellus Wilder, the brother of the boxer, yelled derogatory remarks at Breazeale, who was sitting with his family in the audience after his fight, during Wilder’s fight.  At one point, according to the Complaint, Marcellus hovered over Breazeale’s 5-year-old son yelling profanity toward his family.  At this point Breazeale told Marcellus to step back from his children.   To avoid an altercation, Breazeale left the arena.

The Complaint goes on to state that the tort of assault and battery took place at the Marriott where plaintiffs claim the Wilders sought out Breazeale in the lobby of the hotel.  This is where the altercation took place.  The plaintiffs state that Marriott lacked enough security to deal with the situation which included the Wilders and fans that gathered there.

Payout Perspective:

It looks like Deontay Wilder is in another legal situation with one of his challengers.  This time, Breazeale is suing Wilder and his brother for an alleged hotel fight (or attempted fight).  The question of where was security is actually legitimate considering. The video seems to show the nature of the crowd.  Also, the Complaint brings up the fact that Breazeale’s young kids were involved makes it more sympathetic for the plaintiffs.  This could be a legitimate lawsuit or a way for the two to square off in the ring.

Joshua-Klitschko to air on Showtime and HBO Saturday

April 17, 2017

Promoters for heavyweight boxers Anthony Joshua and Wladimir Klitschko have come to terms to air the IBF heavyweight title fight on both Showtime and HBO.  Showtime will air the live broadcast at 1:15pm PT and HBO will rebroadcast it in prime time at 7:45pm PT.  The event takes place at Wembley Stadium in London.

Per Yahoo! Sports, each network will provide its own announcing crew for the show.  Showtime has an exclusive deal with Joshua and Klitschko has a deal with HBO.

The negotiated deal between rival networks is a rarity.  The last time the networks worked in conjunction with one another for a boxing event was the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight.  The business relationship broke down after the fight and resulted in a lawsuit.

Payout Perspective:

This is a rarity and its good news for boxing fans that have only HBO or Showtime.  It also reflects the fact that there can be a working relationship between rival promoters and networks.  This has been a bone of contention which was brought up in lawsuits by Top Rank and Golden Boy against Al Haymon’s PBC.  This is evidence that it can happen.  It will be interesting to see the ratings for each network.  While Showtime gets the live airing, it is in the mid-afternoon on Saturday for the west coast while HBO does get a prime time replay albeit many might know the result.

Spike TV’s deal with PBC is over

April 12, 2017

ESPN reports that Spike TV will no longer air Premier Boxing Champions on Spike TV which ends a two-year partnership to air PBC on Spike TV.

In March 2015, Spike TV launched “Friday Night Lights Out” with Glory Kickboxing, Bellator MMA and PBC with Haymon’s company as the big add to the network.  According to Spike TV, a third-year option was negotiated was not included in the final contract.

Notably, Spike TV was not happy with the quality of PBC cards aired on Spike TV and the network wanted to commit to Bellator MMA.

The last PBC on Spike TV card aired this past January.  The network stated that it is willing to revisit PBC and/or a boxing event but it looks like its combat sports programming will be limited to Bellator MMA.

Payout Perspective:

It’s interesting that Spike was frank about the quality of PBC cards.  Most of PBC cable cards are now airing on FS1.  The best PBC on Spike TV did on the network was its March 2015 debut when it drew 869,000 viewers.  The ratings have struggled to grasp a consistent audience with its events on Spike TV.  The network, which ended its relationship with Glory, now seems to be making a concentrated effort into Bellator MMA.  Will this equate into a push for bigger ratings and more sponsors?  We shall see.

Lomachenko on HBO draws 832,000 viewers

April 11, 2017

HBO Boxing’s Saturday night fights featuring Vasyl Lomachenko’s defeat of Jason Sosa drew 832,000 subscribers per Sports TV Ratings which bested the overall rating for the UFC 210 Prelims on FS1.

Arguably, the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world, Lomachenko made easy work of Sosa.  The event drew 389,000 viewers in the A18-49 demo per Sports TV Ratings.  The fight went from 8:49pm-9:25pm PT on HBO. Prior to the main event, a fight between Oleksandr Gvozdyk and Yunieski Gonzalez drew 690,000 viewers and 299,000 in the A18-49 demo.  The opening bout between Oleksandr Usyk and Michael Hunter drew 679,000 viewers and 291,000 in the A18-49 demo.

Payout Perspective:

Good numbers for HBO on Saturday night since it was up against a UFC PPV and Lomachenko is still not a marquee name.  But, Lomachenko is a fighter that HBO hopes to promote to a PPV level at some point.  Boxing fans that tuned in saw why he is one of the best in the world.  The ratings, which outdrew, the UFC Prelims reflect the fact that fans are learning a little more about the Ukranian fighter.

GGG-Jacobs replay draws 709,000 viewers

March 28, 2017

The replay of the Gennady Golovkin-Daniel Jacobs fight on HBO Saturday night drew 709,000 viewers according to Sports TV Ratings. The rating encompasses the entire 2 hour block which also included the Roman Gonzalez upset by Srisaket Sor  Rungvisai.

The event drew 287,000 viewers in the adult 18-49 demo.  The event aired from 10:00-12:00am on Saturday night.

In comparison, the PPV replay of GGG-David Lemiuex on HBO from October 2015 drew 1.07 million viewers.  This time around, GGG did more PPV buys (170K) than against Lemieux (153K).

The ratings are a shadow of GGG’s last time on HBO.  Of course, those were live events.

GGG Fights on HBO

May 2014 vs. Willie Monroe, Jr. 1.338M viewers (fight only)

November 2013 vs. Curtis Stevens 1.41M viewers (fight only)

July 2104 vs. Daniel Geale 984,000 viewers (overall show drew 758,000)

October 2014 vs. Marco Antonio Rubio 1.3M viewers (fight only)

February 2015 vs. Martin Murray 862,000 viewers (fight only)

April 2016 vs. Dominic Wade 1.325M (fight only)

Payout Perspective:

The replay may be down due to the NCAA Basketball tournament airing the same night. We note the Kansas Oregon game aired on TBS from 8:40-10:55pm and was the highest-rated sports program on Saturday drawing over 9.3 million viewers and 3.5 in the A18-49 demo.  Otherwise, the lower ratings are surprising for a GGG fight and an event that had two entertaining fights.

Updated GGG-Jacobs PPV buy rate now at 170K PPV buys

March 25, 2017

Yahoo! Sports reports the update PPV buys of Gennady Golovkin and Danny Jacobs drew 170,000 PPV buys.  The buy rate was confirmed by Tom Loeffler.

The initial estimate of the PPV ranged from 130,00 to 150,000 PPV buys.  Loeffler indicated that GGG’s 2015 PPV against David Lemieux drew 153,000 buys.

Payout Perspective:

The additional buys are spun as an improvement and due to the second round of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament.  The improvement shows that there is a fan base for GGG but not ones that are willing to pay $60-$70 for a PPV.  GGG’s PPV draw may be something that might hurt him going into contract negotiations for a fight with Canelo Alvarez.

Haymon attorneys seek close to $35K in legal costs from Golden Boy

March 21, 2017

Al Haymon’s attorneys filed its Bill of Costs with the court in the antitrust lawsuit brought by Golden Boy Boxing.  As the prevailing party at the trial court level, its entitled to its costs which is slightly under $35,000 but they may not see this amount.

Golden Boy filed a Notice of Appeal to the Federal Circuit Court as the trial court dismissed its lawsuit against Al Haymon in February.  Under Federal Rule 54(d)(1), legal costs (not attorney legal fees) should be allowed to a prevailing party. The costs include almost $30,000 in deposition costs for the lawsuit which lasted a year and a half.

Application for Costs by JASONCRUZ206 on Scribd

Payout Perspective:

In addition to the legal costs it incurred during the lawsuit, Golden Boy might be hit with $35,000 it will need to pay Haymon.  Of course, even if there was not an appeal, Golden Boy probably would have disputed this amount.  Since it is going to be appealed, Haymon might have the right to recoup this fee plus attorney fees if it wins on appeal.  If the trial court decision is overturned, it will likely see none of this amount.

Early returns show GGG-Jacobs PPV draw between 130-150K PPV buys

March 21, 2017

Lance Pugmire of the LA Times reports that the early returns on the GGG-Jacobs PPV is between 130,000 to 150,000 buys although the GGG camp says that the final tally will be higher than 150,000.

Pugmire cites an industry source for the report as HBO has yet to provide an official tally.  Notably, the last GGG PPV,  GGG-Lemieux in October 2015 drew 150,000 PPV buys.

Pugmire notes that the gate for last Saturday’s event was $3.7 million as compared to $2 million for GGG-Lemieux.

Payout Perspective:

Even if the fight draws over 150,000 PPV buys, it likely won’t go much higher than that.  The PPV buy rate is not favorable for GGG as he possibly seeks a big fight against Canelo Alvarez in September.  The event went up against the NCAA Tournament but it was big fight and Jacobs was a much more marketable name than David Lemieux.

GGG-Jacobs to stream PPV online

March 15, 2017

The GGG-Daniel Jacobs fight set for this Saturday will not only be available via traditional PPV, but will be online at

The PPV will go for $64.95 online and will vary via traditional PPV depending on your distributor.

In addition to Gennady Golovkin, Roman “Chocalito” Gonzalez is scheduled to fight Srisaket Sor Runvisai on the same card.

Payout Perspective:

GGG’s first appearance on PPV in October 2015 against David Lemieux drew about 150,000 PPV buys.  He once again gets Chocalito on his undercard as the two are inextricably paired together on cards.  Will the online option help PPV buys?  Maybe for hardcore boxing fans that can purchase it on their phone or iPad.  While it’s a great option in this day and age, I don’t think impacts the overall buy rate.

Povetkin attorneys seek motion for new trial or judgment in its favor

March 14, 2017

Attorneys for World of Boxing and Alexander Povetkin have filed a motion for judgment as a matter of law and/or a new trial this past Friday.  The hearing is scheduled for April 21, 2017 before the trial court judge in New York.

A jury determined that Povetkin took the banned substance Meldonium after January 1, 2016.  It was the sole issue determined at trial.

World of Boxing and Povetkin attorneys intimated that they would be moving for either an appeal or this relief stating issues with the decision and conduct of Wilder’s attorneys.

Arnold & Porter Letter 02.12.17 by JASONCRUZ206 on Scribd

Under Federal Civil Rule of Procedure 50, Judgment as a Matter of Law is a motion that can be made during trial or after.  Essentially, it requests the judge take the decision out of the hands of the jury citing that the other party has not proven its case, and as a matter of law, should rule in favor of the moving party.

Under Federal Civil Rule of Procedure 59, a Motion for New Trial, may be requested any time within 28 days after the jury verdict.  It may be granted if there was a serious erroneous result or a miscarriage of justice.

Payout Perspective:

The motion is long and outside the bounds of the page length for a motion and the attorneys have asked attorneys to file extra pages.  The attorneys for World of Boxing and Povetkin claim that the jury verdict was not based on the evidence, the testimony of one of Wilder’s experts should not have been relied upon, the timing of the trial did not allow for all the questions to be answered and the purported misconduct of Wilder’s attorney.

The motion goes before the trial court judge which makes it somewhat hard for the moving party because they are arguing that the judge did not oversee their trial properly and thus must do it again.  These motions would be quicker than an appeal although it would seem that they are exhausting all options.  MMA Payout will return later with a substantive look at the claims.

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