UFC Fight Night on ESPN + 3 prelims draws 271,000 Saturday morning

February 26, 2019

The UFC Fight Night on ESPN + 3 prelims drew 271,000 viewers on ESPN2.  The event aired at 11:00 am ET on Saturday morning.

The prelims were on ESPN2 while the main card aired on ESPN’s digital platform, ESPN+.  The feature bout of the prelims saw welterweight Dwight Grant defeat Carlo Pedersoli, Jr in the first round of their fight.

The rating is the lowest thus far for a live televised UFC event since it started with the network this past January.

Payout Perspective:

The ratings should not deter you from believing that the UFC-ESPN relationship has been fruitful for the fight promotion.  A combat sports card on a Saturday morning is a bad spot for the telecast and with an overseas card with relatively unknown fighters, this was a card that may have been overlooked.

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