PFL’s New Year’s Eve Show drew 204,000 viewers on NBCSN

January 4, 2019

The New Year’s Eve showing of the PFL Championships on NBC Sports Network drew 204,000 viewers.

According to a PFL press release, “the 2018 Championship, the PFL saw a record-setting number of fans tune-in with over 5 million fans watching in the U.S. on NBCSN and in the rest of the world on Facebook Watch as well as on select international sports networks.”

The main card featured the finals of the weight divisions for the season with the winners taking home an advertised $1 million.

Payout Perspective:

The ratings were the best for the promotion this season which is surprising given the fights were shown on New Year’s Eve.  But it also speaks to the low ratings on NBC Sports Network this season as Monday’s event was the only one to go over 200,000 viewers. The finals had compelling storylines, upsets and focused on the life-changing event of becoming a millionaire which was key.  For the organization to go forward next season, it must find a way to draw more ratings and engage viewers in its product.

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