Payout Exclusive: CM Punk talks new show, praises All In

September 10, 2018

CM Punk is back.

But it’s not in the octagon or the wrestling ring.  He is one of the hosts on Netflix’s Ultimate Beastmaster 3 which premiered August 31st.  Punk is co-host along with former NFL star Tiki Barber.

The show is an obstacle course reality series featuring teams from around the world vying to become champion.

Ultimate Beastmaster Season 3 (via Netflix)

Punk noted that they weren’t allowed to run the challenging obstacle course.  “I would have probably fallen and busted my head,” joked the former WWE star and UFC competitor.  At the end of shooting, they were given the opportunity but by that point, after watching the athletes from around the world struggle with one of the more demanding courses put together, no one wanted to do it.

Ultimate Beastmaster Season 3 (via Netflix)

There are localized hosts for each country participating including Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, South Korea, the UK, Mexico and Italy.  Reactions from all countries’ hosts are shown in localized versions.  Former UFC champ Anderson Silva served as Brazil’s commentator and Stu Bennett (aka WWE’s Wade Barrett) as the UK’s commentator.

The series executive producer Sylvester Stallone hosted the first season of the Ultimate Beastmaster which started on Netflix in February 2017.

Speaking frankly during the phone interview, Punk indicated that he got a call from his agent about the opportunity.  “I jumped at the chance,” Punk said when he heard that he would be working with the former New York Giants running back.  “I thought the entire concept and the different spin peaked my interest.”

Since we last saw Punk in the Octagon this past June, he has been branching out into new things. Although he says he will be back training at Roufusport in the future, he has taken on some acting projects.

Ultimate Beastmaster 3 was actually filmed almost a year ago but just released on Netflix late last month

“It was amazing,” Punk said of working on the set.  “There were so many neat and awesome people to work with.”  Notably, Punk worked with old WWE friend Stu Bennett, known in the WWE as Wade Barrett.  “It’s been nice to see how successful he’s been,” said Punk of Bennett who has carved out an acting career after leaving the WWE.  Also, on the set was fellow UFC athlete Anderson Silva.  Punk recalled Silva being a little late for filming each day due to training for an anticipated fight with Kelvin Gastelum.  “To do this show while training for the fight had to be tough on him.”  As we know now, that fight was called off as Silva was flagged for a potential UFC anti-doping violation.

In between contestants making their way through the obstacle course, the hosts openly root for their nations while (good-naturedly) rooting against others.  When nations are eliminated, the other hosts are not shy to make fun of the demise of their team.  “There’s a lot of ribbing that goes on,” said Punk.  Working odd hours, brought out a lot of personality with many of the hosts.  Punk observed rivalries between France and Mexico based on their soccer teams.  The hosts mocked each other and generally had a good time during filming.  “Imagine all the stuff they had to edit out,” said Punk.

Punk enjoyed the experience shooting Ultimate Beastmaster 3.  “I take every single opportunity afforded to me.”  He added, “[i]t was nice to learn their stories and get to know them a bit.”

While Punk may be taking a detour from combat sports, he made a rare fan meet and greet/photo appearance during “All In” Weekend in his hometown of Chicago.  “I’m really careful and choosy about where and when I do appearances.”  He talked a little about the event and his admiration for Matt and Nick Jackson.

“I love those guys.” Punk said of The Young Bucks. “For anybody to put 10,000 plus in a building and you don’t have the brand name WWE behind you its great.”

“They remind me when I was on the independents,” said Punk.  “I couldn’t be happier for those guys.”

Punk is currently working on a couple of movie projects including an upcoming film entitled “Girl on the Third Floor.”  After that, he will be back training in MMA.

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