MPO Year in Review: 9. UFC Performance Institute opens

December 27, 2017

The UFC Performance Institute unveiled its new 15-acre, 184,000-square foot campus in Las Vegas this year.  The institute serves as an upgrade to MMA training offering the latest in technology to help the company’s contracted fighters.

The Performance Institute serves as a facility for training for many of the UFC fighters.  Conor McGregor took advantage of the facility as he prepared for his boxing match with Floyd Mayweather.  The UFC estimates 30% of its athletes have taken advantage of the Performance Institute.

The Institute has everything that a fighter needs for nutrition, health and injury rehabilitation and prevention.

One of the reasons for the Performance Institute is to help fighters train and train without getting injured.  In the end, the UFC has a vested interest in ensuring that fighters are healthy and are able to cut weight wisely.  Of course, its easier said than done, but the investment in this state of the art facility should help with the health of the fighter.  It also helps the UFC monitor the health of athletes.

Through the Performance Institute the UFC has forged partnerships with a couple surprising companies.  Endeavor (WME-IMG), the UFC’s owners, secured a sponsorship with New York’s Hospital for Special Surgery and Performance Inspired as “official sports supplement” of the UFC.  It also partnered with Body Armor to become the “official sports drink” of the UFC.  Recently, Trifecta Nutrition became an official UFC sponsor as well and will likely be a part of the Performance Institute’s nutrition menu.

While it was a big investment, the Performance Institute has opened up other areas of revenue through health and wellness that may not have occurred if it did not attempt to build the facility.

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