White suggests possibility of digital platform for next media deal

October 26, 2017

Could the UFC be moving toward a digital platform for its next media rights deal?  Dana White intimated the notion recently on a podcast with the Wall Street Journal.

The discussion was based on the belief that younger people watch content on phones and tablets rather than on television.  Also cited, was the eroding ratings of networks including ESPN.  The network is building its own digital network in 2018 which will include Top Rank Boxing.   White predicts digital platforms as the wave of the future.  Thus, there is a possibility that the next deal may not include a network.

There is also the possibility of splitting up the rights to include network, cable and digital.

Currently, UFC Fight Pass serves as a supplement to UFC fans.  Similar to the WWE’s Network, it rectnly started a 24/7 model which plays content constantly instead of the user choosing what they want to watch.  The digital platform includes an extensive library of past events and other organizations as well as its own events on Fight Pass.

Payout Perspective:

One of the key things pointed out during the interview was that the UFC produces its own events.  But, it was discussed that the next rights deal, the UFC would relax this custom and allow the rights holder some latitude with the partnership.  Perhaps White is just advocating for digital platforms to step up in the media rights bid by championing it over network or cable.  The UFC has been at the forefront of innovative trends and if digital overtakes traditional platforms, especially with the younger demographic, we might see a serious push for digital content.

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