PBC on CBS draws 2.7M viewers, outdraws NBA on ABC

March 5, 2017

PBC on CBS Saturday night drew 2.7 million viewers per TV By the Numbers.  The event featuring Danny Garcia and Keith Thurman did better than the NBA on ABC Saturday night.

The NBA game featured the Los Angeles Clippers and Chicago Bulls.  It drew just 1.69 million viewers.

The title to unify the 147 pound which Thurman won by split decision drew a 0.8 rating in the adult 18-49 demo and a 3 share.

Last year, the CBS-televised event featuring Thurman Shawn Porter drew 2.12 million viewers and a 0.5 rating in the adult 18-49 demo.

In July 2015, a fight featuring Carl Frampton drew a 0.8 share on CBS.

PBC on CBS Saturday night was narrowly edged out in its time slot by a rerun of Chicago PD which drew 2.76 million viewers.

Payout Perspective:

Good numbers for PBC on CBS as this was a much-anticipated fight between two undefeated champions.  PBC will hope to produce more high-level fights and may have found a star in Thurman.  Maybe they do a rematch on PPV or go again on CBS.

81 Responses to “PBC on CBS draws 2.7M viewers, outdraws NBA on ABC”

  1. Random Dude on March 6th, 2017 10:29 PM

    PBC has killed good matchups and stopped certain fighters progress because they had to join certain “stables” in order to get fights on television since PBC entered the picture. These fighters get shelved and now we don’t see them fight on TV anymore or have quality matchups.

    PBC killed the ESPN fights, now they are about to start up Golden Boy fights which is not the same thing and much worse. Just like having UFC and Bellator, a bunch of fighters who will now never face each other…not good for the sport.

    PBC is just an even worse version of the UFC. If you think the UFC is bad overall for MMA and fighters you should feel the same way about PBC.

  2. d on March 6th, 2017 11:05 PM

    Maybe Caramel City and Wil can explain how this PBC fight was the highest grossing event at Barclay’s outside of Nets basketball when the Holm fight beat every single event there already including every Nets basketball event. I’m not a mathematician, but I can understand basic deduction and conclude that would be impossible.

    Perhaps this duo should investigate better sourcing in the future.

    “The Barclay’s Center was a sellout for UFC 208 with 15,628 fans for a live gate of $2,275,10. It was the highst grossing sporting event in arena history.”


  3. TOPS E on March 7th, 2017 12:38 AM

    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=n3wBnnP93i4…..legit arguments from woodley….hahahaha dw pissed

  4. Fight Fan on March 7th, 2017 7:41 AM

    Dana is a clown and treats his fighters like dogs. Very easy to see Woodleys arguments and it’s very low of Dana to be criticizing fighters. Last I checked I don’t think he ever set foot in a cage.

  5. d on March 7th, 2017 8:10 AM

    FF posting on the wrong article again. Haha.

  6. Fight Fan on March 7th, 2017 9:52 AM

    It was in response to Tops d

  7. TOPS E on March 7th, 2017 11:21 AM

    Touchy subject that fanboys dont want to discuss hahaha…presence of nevada comish criticizing the judge,bluejay player in the octagon and media campaign of dw that “he thought” and woodley ” did nothing” are highly irregular and Dw PR for wonderboy . Hahahaha…

  8. Wil on March 7th, 2017 11:53 AM

    Well said about Woodley, nothing but respect for him telling it like it is regarding the UFC and race. He knows more than the clowns who are not in there taking the shots but telling him he is wrong. The Alt-Right in the sport really want to see him lose badly…I hope he sticks around for a very long time telling it like it is

  9. d on March 7th, 2017 8:27 PM

    FF, yes and Tops posted that on the wrong article.

    Wil got really quiet when actual facts were posted with legitimate sourcing. Haha.

  10. d on March 7th, 2017 9:22 PM
  11. Wil on March 7th, 2017 10:12 PM

    Speaking of big numbers……http://www.boxingscene.com/bellew-haye-clash-generate-record-number-viewers-awe–114355?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook

    Oh, and D, Wil doesnt care what you post bro….what you post doesnt effect my pocketbook. Grow up son. You’re the laughing stock of this website and you dont even see it.

  12. d on March 7th, 2017 11:02 PM

    Hahaha. The laughing stock of this website are the boxing fanboys like yourself who simply come on here and spew false statistics and boxing propaganda. Then can’t admit when you are proven dead wrong.

    That must have stung when you read the actual valid source I produced that debunks your nonsensical article.

  13. Fight Fan on March 8th, 2017 12:12 PM

    Event peaked at 5 million viewers

  14. Wil on March 8th, 2017 1:36 PM

    Go ahead and read and weep D, get some baby oil and powder for your case of the red a**
    Best viewership in primetime boxing since 1998 and it KILLED the NBA….this doesn’t bode well for the alt-right boxing haters

  15. Joey Vagas on March 8th, 2017 3:25 PM

    THANK YOU to all the fans out there who tuned in to watch #ThurmanGarcia Saturday night on CBS!! After averaging 3.74 million viewers and peaking at 5.1 million, it goes down as the largest audience for a primetime boxing broadcast since 1998!
    I said 3-5 M going in. Expert commentary at its finest..

  16. Caramel City on March 8th, 2017 4:07 PM

    I guess I was right when I thought it would at least peak at 5m.

  17. Wil on March 8th, 2017 4:58 PM

    Good job guys…..well done. You gents called it. When big cards are made the fans will watch….and that was going up against UFC prelims and a ppv….very impressive.

  18. d on March 8th, 2017 7:11 PM

    Hahaha. Wil still doesn’t get it. There are a few issues with your alleged and comical triumph.

    If Mike Tyson back in the day fought on network tv, the ratings would be through the roof like no one could imagine, but that doesn’t mean the event or promotion is a success. For example as I pointed out previously, there are costs involved in these events. They had to pay the headliners for a tv fight 4m plus sponsorship money. That’s just the headliners and doesn’t include the undercard, the time buy, the taxes, licensing, promoter, promotion, insurance(remember DiBella flipping out about the insane insurance costs in NY). This event cost a ton of money for a tv fight that brought in a minimal gate and was based on incoming sponsorship money. There’s no way they turned a profit here. PBC lost money for this event, like they do every event. What fights like this are supposed to do is create long term tv deals, however when the networks see that they only get solid ratings for fights that lose money, there’s no way they are going to give them a major deal.

    Look at the UFC’s last event, 209. The overall fighter pay was under 4m, it was in Vegas which was cheaper in terms of taxes, licensing, insurance, etc. They did a 2.3m dollar gate. Even if the ppv only did around 300k buys, after the ppv providers took their cut, the UFC still took in over 8m just for the ppv, then you factor in several other streams and for a lower profile ppv, they probably made several million. Thurman-Garcia was a very big fight “by boxing standards” and is not even turning a profit. What does that say about the state of the sport.

    Oh and one other thing- the overall ratings aren’t the most important thing. The 18-49 demo is and PBC has consistently drawn very poorly. The overnights for this fight had them at a .8. The UFC consistently with even their avg FOX fights hit over a 1.0. You guys should learn how to read the ratings.

  19. d on March 8th, 2017 7:13 PM

    “I guess I was right when I thought it would at least peak at 5m.”

    Revisionist history:

    “They’ll likely average over 5m for Saturdays fight on CBS”

    The avg for this event was 3.7m.

    I guess you weren’t right.

  20. Wil on March 8th, 2017 8:04 PM

    Look at that essay….lol. Did mommy bring a smoothie to the basement “command center” while writing that?

  21. d on March 8th, 2017 8:07 PM

    Says the guy who evades evidence while posting a million times acting like Donald Trump with a delusional internal victory.

  22. Wil on March 8th, 2017 8:10 PM

    lol..clown shoes…there is no “victory”…its a website, its the internet, good Lord kid take your meds and calm down.

  23. Fight Fan on March 8th, 2017 8:11 PM

    The essays are back! Lol, d I really hope Dana is cutting you a piece of that small ufc pie that they have. Get it while it lasts.

  24. Caramel City on March 8th, 2017 8:46 PM

    5.1M is great no matter which way you look at it.
    I don’t see anything in the ufcs future that’s getting 5.1M viewers on FOX

  25. d on March 8th, 2017 9:27 PM

    I know there is no victory, but you are acting as if you’ve accomplished one genius. Haha. That’s the comical part.

  26. d on March 8th, 2017 9:28 PM

    FF, I wonder how much Arum is paying you to t.roll mma websites.

  27. d on March 8th, 2017 9:30 PM

    Caramel City, that’s because they put their D level fights on free tv and their main shows on ppv…something boxing banner promotions can not do. The one time they put a big card on FOX they set nearly every record imaginable.

  28. Caramel City on March 8th, 2017 10:03 PM

    D level fights? Isn’t Demetrius Johnson fighting on FOX next month?

  29. d on March 8th, 2017 10:27 PM

    Yeah, and there are non champions who draw considerably higher ratings on tv than he does. It isn’t just about it being a title. There is very little interest for 125lb fights. It is not ppv worthy.

  30. Caramel City on March 9th, 2017 8:33 AM

    David Hayes fight in the UK apparently did great PPV numbers

  31. Reptilian Monk on March 9th, 2017 8:22 PM

    You guys should get a room and have your Ufc/boxing role play sex already.

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