16 for 16: No. 12 Alliance MMA goes public

December 22, 2016

Alliance MMA went public on the NASDAQ stock exchange in October.  The company describes itself as a “premier development league for aspiring mixed martial arts fighters.”

In an interview with CNN Money, its Alliance MMA (no relation to the SoCal Fight Gym) CEO Paul Danner outlined a plan in which it would sponsor fights across the country through regional promotions.  Its revenues will be drawn from the attendance, live fight access and attraction of national sponsorships.

More information on the stock can be found on Nasdaq.com.  Its stock symbol is (AMMA).

According to its company financials, its net income is -$223,941 and its total assets is $56,766.  Its total liabilities are $661,874.

Its initial share price is $4.50 per share.  As of Thursday, December 22nd, it is trading at $3.61.

In an interview with Alliance MMA’s Robert Haydak, the company wants to have a similar footprint to that of the WWE when Vince McMahon, Jr. acquired smaller regional promotions and became a national presence. They consider themselves the “NCAA to the NFL.”  Essentially, a feeder league for the UFC, Bellator, OneFC and others.  At this point, Alliance MMA has acquired 6 regional promotions with the intentions of more.

The company has retained former UFC fighter relations pro Burt Watson to be on its Board of Directors and serve as its head of fighter relations.

It’s an interesting strategy to raise capital and we will keep an eye on Alliance MMA in 2017 to see if it can execute its strategy.  Placing itself as a feeder league for the bigger organizations is an interesting niche and we shall see if there is a sufficient amount of interest from the public in purchasing its stock.

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