Alliance MMA goes live on the NASDAQ

October 6, 2016

CNN Money reports that Alliance MMA, a self-described “premier developmental league for aspiring mixed martial arts fighters” is now a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ.  It went live on the NASDAQ on Thursday.

The company’s investor page is sparse with financials but it indicates that it wants to develop the next generation of UFC fighters other premier MMA promotion champions.

In an interview with CNN Money, its CEO Paul Danner outlined a plan in which it would sponsor fights across the country through regional promotions.  Its revenues will be drawn from the attendance, live fight access and attraction of national sponsorships.

More information on the stock can be found on  Its stock symbol is (AMMA).

According to its company financials, its net income is -$223,941 and its total assets is $56,766.  Its total liabilities are $661,874.

Its initial share price is $4.50 per share.

Payout Perspective:

Will this stock take off?  One has to think that this IPO is capitalizing off of the UFC’s monstrous sale of $4 billion this past summer.  But will investors think that regional/developmental MMA is a good investment.  Certainly, the niche audience for sports has a certain attraction (e.g. FloSports) and can generate revenue.  We shall see if investors believe in this business model.

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