Iaquinta off of UFC 205 due to dispute over pay

September 19, 2016

Al Iaquinta is off of the UFC 205 card in New York due to a dispute over fighter pay according to FoxSports.com.

Iaquinta (7-2 in the UFC) was going to make $26,000 to show and the potential to double that with a win.  In addition, he would receive $5,000 as part of the Reebok deal.  Thus, without any unknown locker room bonuses, he would have made a low of $31,000 and a high of $59,000.  According to the FoxSports.com report, the UFC has deemed him not eligible to receive a post-fight bonus due to infractions which included missing a fighter summit last year.

Iaquinta was scheduled to face Thiago Alves in the organization’s debut in New York.  The native New Yorker decided to turn down his “dream fight” because of a contract dispute.  According to Iaquinta, he signed a four-fight deal with the UFC prior to the Reebok deal.  He stated that he made more from one sponsor in his previous fights than the $5,000 (the amount he would receive based on the number of fights with the company) he would make in his next fight.

Iaquinta has been out of action for over a year due to a knee injury.

In an interview with Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour, Iaquinta stated that he is a real estate agent out of the Octagon.  He also stated that he never signed the bout agreement as he would likely be fighting for free after paying taxes and his team.  Iaquinta did not have nice things to say about Joe Silva who apparently was angered at Iaquinta for backing out of the bout due to money demands.  Iaquinta learned of Silva’s comments through his manager.

Payout Perspective:

Iaquinta has a legitimate issue with fighter pay but since he signed the contract with the company there’s not much he can do.  If there’s anything that can be learned from this situation, it would be for fighters to learn about their worth and market value.  Realistically, Iaquinta may have discovered that his worth is $26K and $26K.  But, he could have made more in Bellator.  This situation is another argument for a fighter association or union to assist lower-to-mid-level fighters.

5 Responses to “Iaquinta off of UFC 205 due to dispute over pay”

  1. MMA Numbers on September 19th, 2016 3:43 PM

    An indication that these UFC disputes will continue to increase into 2017 (McGregor, Iaquinta, etc).
    The option of Bellator will become more of a factor in UFC negotiations.
    “Big Picture” problem into future: Unionization, fighter boycotts, etc.

  2. ETOPS on September 20th, 2016 3:07 AM

    Bellator is no real option. Benson Henderson former UFC champion in his prime said he struggle to find sponsors for his first two Bellator fights.

    Here’s the thing about UFC, if they like you they will pay you and if they don’t, they will say F off. UFC is actually paying him his market value and I doubt Bellator would pay him more. King Mo is on a 30K/30K contract and that’s King Mo.

  3. Rich on September 20th, 2016 6:03 AM

    Yeah, I don’t think most fault either side in the scenario. I certainly don’t. UFC believe that what makes business sense for them is “x”. Al believe that the compensation that makes sense for you to partner with them is “y”. They’re at an impasse and Al can exercise his right not to do business in that marketplace anymore and both sides can move on. I wish him well in his new ventures.

  4. Bully4me on September 20th, 2016 7:04 AM

    This entire scenario is ODD. Al is ina four fight contract whidh he has alread fought once. That leaves three fights left. Staying away and not fighting isn’t going to make him any more money. If he fought at UFC 205, wins he makes at least 60K between is contract pay and Reebok Cash. Now if he askes for another fight ASAP he could possibly make another 60K by year end. That is a possible 120K within 5 months. At which point AL would have finished the 3rd fight on his contract. This is important as the UFC likes to renegotiate contracts with a fight left so the ifhters Don’t hit the free agency market. This is the time to renegotiate. As of now AL has a signed contract with no LEVERAGE so the UFC will let him sit on the shelf and AL won’t make anything.

    What I find odd is AL saying he is working of his Real Estate Lic and wants to get into that field. Real estate is nothing but contracts.. For him to say he wants a new contract because the Reebok deal wasn’t implemented when he signed is comparable to him selling house to someone and interest rates go through the roof and the market crashes. If his customer came to him and said ” I want to renegotiate my contract because now my house is worth less and my interest rates are so high I’m pauing another 600 bucks a month. What would he do? Absolutely nothing except say “you made a deal, signed a contract now you have to live up to it.

    Now Al is talking bout getting in the Real estae business, In some ways it’s a lot like fighting. Most start out and can’t make a living at it and quit within the first year. The top 5% make most of the money while the rest just get by. I wish him well but it may be a case where the grass looks greener on the other side. He’s young and could always come back to MMA if it doesn’t work out,

  5. E Tops on September 20th, 2016 1:55 PM

    Everybody want to be Nate Diaz but they’re not. Donald Cerrone played it smart. He jumped at fights, he negotiated solo sponsor deals with Ufc sponsors which allows him to wear those sponsors on his shorts. He signed a new deal reportedly worth more money.

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