Jones to face judge to address probation violation Thursday morning

March 31, 2016

UPDATED:  Jones returns home after probation hearing which added additional conditions to his probation.  Jon Jones will have a hearing before an Albuquerque, New Mexico judge this morning to address a probation violation stemming from a recent traffic stop which resulted in Jones being issued several moving violations including drag racing.

Rest assured, it appears that Jones will be able to fight next month as the Bernalilo County District MMA Fighting has learned that the attorney prosecuting the case is recommending an amendment of his prior probation and recommending new adjustment’s to Jones’ probation.  No jail time is recommended and there is a recommendation from the DA that no bond will be required for Jones to post bail.  Thus, it appears that Jones will be able to leave the detention center he had be in since Tuesday sometime today.

As for the new terms, the prior terms of the probation will be revoked and a new set of terms will be recommended which include a driving course, an anger management course and a curfew for the former light heavyweight champion from 10pm at night until 4pm in the morning.

We will see if the judge will agree to the terms recommended by the District Attorney.  Certainly the curfew will be something that the UFC should be happy with since Jones’ last driving escapade occurred late at night.  One would hope that Jones can stay out of trouble for the next 24 days until his showdown with Daniel Cormier.

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