GLORY-SpikeTV part ways

October 27, 2015

MMA Fighting’s Luke Thomas reports that GLORY Kickboxing will no longer be seen on SpikeTV. The promotion’s run which started in November 2013, has come to an end.

The decision to end the relationship was not sudden according to the report as the two sides had been in talks, but it appears that each has allowed the contractual terms to air Glory on Spike TV to end.

Along with PBC and Bellator, GLORY Kickboxing was to be one of the anchors for Friday night combat sports on the network as Spike branded the trio, “Friday Night Lights Out.”  The programming has had mixed results since its inception this past March.

One might look to the sagging ratings as a reason that the network and the promotion have split ways.

Glory Ratings on Spike
Glory 11 381,000
Glory 12 476,000
Glory 13 659,000
Glory 14 495,000
Glory 15 354,000
Glory 16 498,000
Glory 17 487,000
Glory 18 352,000
Glory 19 542,000
Glory 20 359,000
Glory 21 488,000
Glory 22 152,000
Glory 23 295,000

Glory 23

MMA Payout has reached out to representatives from GLORY and will update this report if and when it becomes available.

Payout Perspective:

Ratings just did not pick up for the kickboxing organization.  Even the joint show with Bellator this past September did not give much of a boost for GLORY.  In fact, there was speculation that Bellator did not help Glory enough with the promotion of its fights on the Dynamite 1 card.  Looking at the ratings on the network, there was no signs of improvement.  GLORY’s next show will be seen on its web site.  In the past, it had aired on CBS Sports Network but as of now there are no US TV deals in the offing for the company.

2 Responses to “GLORY-SpikeTV part ways”

  1. FightBusiness on October 28th, 2015 7:35 AM

    the cards were too inconsistant. a fight one day then you had to wait two months. only avid followers could keep up/ you have to be on at leats twice a month at the same time.

  2. turd on November 3rd, 2015 12:29 PM

    glory is just plain boring, i am a long time kick boxing fan

    k-1 is the only ones who could promote kick boxing well

    krush is pretty good to.

    i really hope k-1 comes back. i miss it

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