Glory 19 draws 542,000 viewers on Spike TV

February 11, 2015

Glory 19 drew an average viewership of 542,000 with a peak of 825,000 viewers according to Nielsen.  The show which aired Friday night on Spike TV was an increase of almost 50% from its last airing in November.

Glory Ratings on Spike TV:

Glory 11: 381,000 viewers

Glory 12: 476,000 viewers

Glory 13: 659,000 viewers

Glory 14: 495,000 viewers

Glory 15: 354,000 viewers

Glory 16: 498,000 viewers

Glory 17 – 487,000 viewers

Glory 18 – 352,000 viewers

Glory 19 – 542,000 viewers

Glory Ratings Feb 2015


Payout Perspective:

Its the second highest rating for Glory on Spike TV which, in my opinion, is very good considering there was not a lot of buzz heading into this event.  The Glory average on Spike TV is at 472,000 viewers.

2 Responses to “Glory 19 draws 542,000 viewers on Spike TV”

  1. FightBusiness on February 11th, 2015 1:35 PM

    Good ratings! This year shold be a breakthrough year for Glory. This will be the compromise between Boxing and MMA. All they need is kickboxing shoes because they look ridiculous without them and to allow sweeps.

  2. d on February 11th, 2015 4:15 PM


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