Report estimates UFC 182 PPV buys between 740K-820K

January 14, 2015

MMA Fighting reports the PPV buy rate for UFC 182 to be in the 740,000 to 820,000 range making it the biggest PPV since December 2013.

UFC 182 which featured Jon Jones defending his heavyweight title against Daniel Cormier was heavily promoted.  It received higher than average attention and resulted in the best UFC buy rate in over a year.  In addition, reports of packed sports bars and movie theaters to watch the event showed that the buzz featuring a contest between bitter rivals appealed to many.

For Jones, it was the best PPV buy rate since his UFC 145 main event drew 700,000 PPV buys.  That event was sold based on a bitter rivalry as well.  At that point, Jones was thought to be a PPV star.

UFC 182 was the best PPV buy rate since UFC 168 in December 2013 which drew 1,025,000.

Dana White had predicted the event to draw 750,000 PPV buys and then indicated it would exceed that amount immediately after the event.

As pointed out by Dave Meltzer in the MMA Fighting article, UFC 182 went up against the NFL Playoffs featuring the Pittsburgh Steelers-Baltimore Ravens which drew 28 million viewers.  It was one of the biggest TV audiences for an NFL Wildcard game in the NFL’s history.

Payout Perspective:

There was a time when Jon Jones was thought to be the next PPV star and draw this type of buy rate regardless of his match-up.  This has not come to full fruition and with the revelation that he used cocaine prior to UFC 182, it may taint his image.  The interest for this fight was greatly aided by the media day brawl back in August and the subsequent venom between the two fighters.  The UFC picked up on this and packaged it into slick promos and focused on the one fight rather than take time to focus on others.  The marketing for this fight worked and its reflected in the buy rate.

For those wondering, Google searches for UFC 182 were at 400K over fight weekend.  The event drew enormous traffic on MMA web sites; an average of over 1 million viewers watched the Prelims and a record-breaking rating for the post-fight show on FS1.  All of this amounted to a PPV buy rate somewhere between 740K and 820K.  Do you think it should have done better?  Should we just chalk this up to new expectations when it comes to PPV?  The good news was that all of the promotion provided a great deal of interest and 2015 is off to a very good start PPV-wise.

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  1. d on January 19th, 2015 10:09 AM

    And Leon the Pro will be Leon the Schmo! Hahaha!

    Aldo vs. McGregor going down in May. Another solid ppv matchup. You better start to pray for those injuries. You’ll need them.

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