TUF 19 Final DVR numbers are in

July 15, 2014

MMA Payout has obtained the final DVR numbers for TUF 19. Although the Live day viewing was considerably down the DVR numbers saw significant gains.

In the end, the average Live/Same Day viewing which includes the same day replay averaged 476,00 viewers. TUF 18 (Rousey-Tate) averaged 684,000 viewers.  TUF 17 (Sonnen-Jones) averaged 832,000 viewers, which was the last season it was on FX.

TUF 19 DVR +3 viewership was up from TUF 18.  It averaged a gain of 278,000 viewers from the live number.  This is up from TUF 18 which averaged a gain of 250,000 viewers from DVR viewership.

Notably, not one episode this season drew over 1 million viewers.  The highest rated show was Episode 6 with the controversial judging ending.  There was extra push from social media on how it was a “have to watch” episode and it just topped out at 973,000 viewers with DVR viewership.

TUF 19 Wrapup

Payout Perspective:

The important number for advertisers is likely the Live/Same Day number which has dipped from TUF18.  While the DVR numbers are great, it does not make up for the loss of live viewership.  As Fox has maintained, its happy with the ratings that TUF is producing and is not just looking at the live ratings when considering its success.  The averages reflect a steady drop since TUF left FX.

3 Responses to “TUF 19 Final DVR numbers are in”

  1. Johny on July 16th, 2014 11:26 AM

    Tuf Jones vs Sonnen averaged around 1.3m viewers (live + same day).

  2. Chris on July 16th, 2014 4:42 PM

    Sonnen/Jones averaged more than 800k, they did in the 1.2 mill average range.

  3. TRUTHspitter on July 16th, 2014 5:37 PM

    so now jASSon says the important number is live/same day( which everyone and their mother already knew and tried to tell you all those times before) but when its a bellator report that little bit of info is NOWHERE to be seen hmmmmmmmmm

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