GGG on HBO: 758,000 viewers

July 31, 2014

ESPN’s Dan Rafael reports that Saturday night’s HBO Boxing event featuring Gennady Golovkin received 984,000 viewers peaking at 1.048 million.  However, the overall night only drew 758,000 live viewers per Nielsen Media Research (via

The co-feature fight featuring Bryant Jennings against Mike Perez drew only 602,000 viewers with a peak of 780,000 viewers.  As noted by Jake Donovan’s Boxing Scene, the ratings are a disappointment for Golovkin as his previous showing on HBO drew more 1.4 million viewers.

Payout Perspective:

GGG’s win over Daniel Geale was impressive although the ratings were off from his previous appearances.  The fact that he is being pushed to be the next HBO fighter to be featured on PPV may raise a red flag.  The fights on HBO competed briefly with the overrun of the UFC on Fox 12 show in some markets as the end of the UFC main event coincided with the beginning of the HBO event.

18 Responses to “GGG on HBO: 758,000 viewers”

  1. BrainSmasher on July 31st, 2014 1:23 AM

    Boxings a sinking ship everyone run for your lives!!!! Poor tv ratings to go with declining PPV buys across the board with every boxer.

  2. Diego on July 31st, 2014 5:57 AM

    That’s too bad for GGG who has the talent to be a true start in boxing. He’s even learning English. He deserves higher ratings, but then I don’t know how many people knew Geale. I had to Google the guy myself and was surprised to find out that he’s a former champ and ranked #4 among middleweights by ESPN.

    If GGG can land a fight against Cotto, Chavez Jr, Sergio Martinez or Quillin it will draw a lot of eyes. But if he’s forced to keep fighting people who are not well known in the mainstream it will take him a long time to become a star.

    The Quillin fight will never happen because that’s a Haymon fighter and Cotto is probably heading towards a big PPV with Canelo. Sergio would be a fool to fight GGG after getting dusted by Cotto and is probably looking for a soft touch in his next fight. The Chavez Jr fight would be interesting considering Chavez’ chin and power, but it would be a tough payday for Chavez and his handlers will probably want to avoid it.

  3. D on July 31st, 2014 8:02 AM

    Where are all the boxing trolls to spin this number?

  4. Anti troll on July 31st, 2014 8:51 AM

    Pink pig must been sliced into bacon over this article

  5. Saldathief on July 31st, 2014 10:50 AM

    Crap numbers with the same lame excuses that we always get, boxing and mma!!
    Truth is this guy is only somewhat popular in NY, he is another eastern black fighter. main stream america wont get behind him imo. he is a decent fighter but I do not see him doing any serious numbers without a big name opponent. I was looking for the numbers he did at the gate but I couldn’t find it. No spin D it is what it is. Truth is boxing doesnt need a spin and most boxing people call it like it is. Unfortunately UFC paid losers must spin bahahahaha its the rules or you dont get free fight pass as payment bahahahah fuck stick!

  6. FightBusiness on July 31st, 2014 3:19 PM

    D- Heres the difference between Boxing fans and moron UFC fans on this website: We are not delusional. These are mediocre numbers. There I admit it. You see MMA fans try being humble and seeing reality. You dont see me going ” you dont understand the football game was on…..” GGG was fighting a nobody…….

  7. FightBusiness on July 31st, 2014 3:19 PM

    D- Heres the difference between Boxing fans and moron UFC fans on this website: We are not delusional. These are mediocre numbers. There I admit it. You see MMA fans try being humble and seeing reality. You dont see me going ” you dont understand the football game was on…..” GGG was fighting a nobody…….

  8. anti trolls on July 31st, 2014 4:29 PM

    Pink pig is boxing and he is a bag of nuts

  9. D on July 31st, 2014 5:58 PM

    Sal continues as Bob Arum’s cock sucking minion who trolls mma websites with his bullshit lies. What a fag.

  10. D on July 31st, 2014 6:01 PM

    Fightbusiness you are beyond delusional. You cherry pick every number and stat you spew bullshit left and right. There are no bigger delusionals than the boxing fanboy trolls on here.

  11. Saldathief on July 31st, 2014 8:00 PM

    D=Danas ball sack bahahah free fight pass must be sooooo not worth it bahahahah

  12. Diego on August 1st, 2014 5:50 AM


    I agree. If GGG doesn’t get a big name opponent he will continue to waste his talent. Unfortunately no one wants to fight him. All he can do is fight regularly against anyone who will step into the ring against him (even if HBO doesn’t want to pick up the fight). Eventually the pressure will be on others to fight him or to vacate their titles and leave the division. It’s a long long road but what choice does he have.

    I forgot to mention Suleiman as an opponent. That would be an easy fight for GGG and he would pick up another belt which would put more pressure on Quillin and Cotto to get in the ring with him. I just don’t see 40 year old Suleiman, who finally has a belt, risking it against him.

    Marco Rubio would make a good fight and he has nothing to lose, though GGG has little to gain from that fight, it would probably be exciting.

  13. D on August 1st, 2014 3:59 PM

    Sal=Arum’s crusty dick. HAHAHA Boxing can’t get a network deal and it drives you and your fellow fruitcakes crazy. Hahaha!!!

  14. Saldathief on August 1st, 2014 8:38 PM

    Hows that Fox deal going??? bahahahahaha what a joke!!!!! everyone knows its in the shitter except you ass clown bahahahaha Oh wait, world expansion, but no one watches in the USA anymore bahahaha sad sad state of affairs. Dana on suicide watch and tons of prozac. Nick Diaz is the hope of the UFC a strike force reject bahahhahaha D will be looking for a job, D I hear you can blog your bullshit on the cartoon network bahahahah

  15. D on August 1st, 2014 10:43 PM

    FOX deal is going good, expect many more years of it while you are sucking Bob Arum’s crusty balls you homo.

    Yeah, no one watches mma in the US anymore. You are a colossal moron.

    I can’t wait for Mayweather to retire in about a year and watch boxing ppvs plummet, followed by Pacquaio retiring leading to even more of a plummet and then you killing yourself because you can’t even use that angle anymore you bullshit artist.

  16. kingx23x on August 2nd, 2014 4:37 AM

    The FOX deal is what it is…time filler.
    They wont re up.
    D why dont you compare the 2m-2.5mil on FOX with the “UFC” brand while
    Terence Crawford vs Yuriorkis Gamboa does 1.28mil on HBO.

    You put Crawford vs Gamboa on FOX. Easy 3mil watch it.

    I think it was Adamek vs Cunningham II that was on NBC and peaked at 3.2mil. Fuckin Adamek and Cunningham getting 3.2mil?

    GGG has a hype train behind him but no one took Geale too serious.
    Dude was too small for GGG and simply not as skilled.
    GGG KO’d him in the 3rd while taking a flush punch from Geale.

    GGG will do big numbers when he fights Canelo or Cotto, which I assume he will actually lose both fights two.

    GGG will probably end up fighting Soliman, which will be a waste of time.
    He should just fight Sergio since Sergio still wants big fights.

  17. anti trolls on August 2nd, 2014 3:06 PM

    Sal has his head up pink pigs bacon A$$

  18. D on August 4th, 2014 9:38 PM

    kingx23x aka the gayest, you are very homosexual. Do you think you are fooling anyone by changing your gay name to another gay name like you did before with “Daniel” to “The Gayest” to “Errol Spence”?

    Get off your knees and stopping sucking all that dick and wake up into the reality that mma is not only the future, but the present.

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