UFC lets go of Thiago Silva after arrest

February 7, 2014

MMA Junkie reports that Thiago Silva’s contract with the UFC has been terminated.  Silva was arrested after a standoff with Florida police at his home after an altercation at a BJJ gym and a domestic dispute involving his wife.

The MMA Report has the details from the police report. Silva has been charged with aggravated assault with a weapon and bond has been set at $2,500,100.

The UFC provided a brief statement expelling the light heavyweight from the organization via MMA Junkie.  “The Ultimate Fighting Championship has terminated the contract of Thiago Silva, effective immediately.”

If you were curious, based on a standard UFC contract, a fighter has a provision under “Fighter Conduct” in their contract that they essentially not get into trouble.

“Fighter shall conduct himself in accordance with commonly accepted standards of decency, social conventions and morals, and Fighter will not commit any act or become involved in any situation or occurrence…which will reflect negatively upon or bring disrepute, contempt, scandal, ridicule, or disdain to Fighter…ZUFFA or any of its officers, managers, members employees, or agents. “

And if they do, Zuffa includes in its contract a section which allows it to terminate the contract if “any provision” of the Agreement is breached, violated or are in default.  Obviously, the “Fighter Conduct” provision has been breached and Zuffa can terminate Silva.

Payout Perspective:

Fortunately, the incident last night involving Silva did not end in tragedy.  One only needs to watch the news of these types of altercations which leaves people dead.  Once Zuffa had determined the nature of what occurred, its actions were swift and necessary.  It could not have its name associated with Silva and to continue to have him on the roster knowing what was described in the police report would only put the company in a bad light.

It’s unknown at this point what defense Silva will have for what occurred but being an MMA fighter may be factored into this case.

2 Responses to “UFC lets go of Thiago Silva after arrest”

  1. BrainSmasher on February 7th, 2014 5:42 PM

    How would being an MMA fighter be factored into a gun crime where no one was hurt? IF this was an assault case where he beat someone down. I could understand. BUt I doubt his being a fighter will have anything to do with this.

  2. AK on February 8th, 2014 7:07 PM

    Here comes the “he’s never fighting in the UFC again” comment from DFW. STFU Dana, you have absolutely ZERO credibility. Really. Please. Stop talking DFW.

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