Hublot sponsors Anderson Silva

November 29, 2013

Anderson Silva has a new blue chip sponsor in high end watch maker Hublot  The company has had sponsorships with NBA star Kobe Bryant, track star Usain Bolt and soccer star Pele.

Jay Z once purchased a Hublot with an estimated cost of $5 million.  Hublot will produce only 100 Anderson Silva watches with an estimated $30K price tag.  10 of the Spider’s watches will be gold which may run a little higher.

According to its web site, Hublot is the official timekeeper for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.  This may be the in with the Brazilian-born Silva and the fact that he is represented by sports marketing agency 9ine which is partly owned by soccer star Ronaldo.

Anderson Silva Watch

H/t:  FighterxFashion

Payout Perspective:

This news was announced a week ago but still worth noting the marketability of Silva.  The sponsorship adds another blue chip sponsor to Silva’s portfolio which includes Nike, Burger King and Corinthians.  He’s positioning himself well for a life after fighting by associating himself with top tier brands.  Hublot is a luxury brand and with its association with Silva it hopes to tap into the young affluent demographic.  The watch sponsor is usually reserved for the tennis player or golfer.  Silva is stepping into mainstream of sports advertising as a watch advertising contract usually marks you as one of the elite in your sport.

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