Updated ratings for Bellator 97 and Fightmaster Episode 5

August 5, 2013

Updated Bellator 97 and Fight Master ratings for episode 5 reveal that Bellator 97 peaked with 981,000 viewers and Fight Master was bumped up to 745,000 viewers.

Bellator 97 originally drew an average of 679,000 viewers.  The DVR +3 rating adjusted to a 707,000 viewer average and it peaked at 981,000 viewers.  The fifth episode of Fight Master saw a boost from 629,000 viewers to 745,000 viewers.

Payout Perspective:

Modest ratings bump for Bellator 97 although it did see a spike with the peak viewership. Fight Master did well with the additional adjustment as it added over 110K viewers which is a good rebound for the show.

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