Eddie will go…Alvarez proclaims Bellator case will go to trial

May 5, 2013

Eddie Alvarez will be appearing on The MMA Hour Monday to presumably talk about his legal fight with Bellator.  The appearance comes after a weekend of tweets in which he went after Bellator, Spike and Viacom.

Alvarez’s official twitter handle, @Ealvarezfight, indicated that he was moving to train with the Blackzillians.  It also stated he made money after selling real estate as to imply that money is no issue at this point.

Alvarez tweeted that there would be no settlement and “let the truth come out in the end.”  (ed. note: famous last words).

He also wrote to his 9,000 plus followers that he placed blame for the lawsuit with Viacom and Spike rather than Bjorn Rebney.

Payout Perspective:

In a civil lawsuit, most parties position their case toward a favorable settlement.  Alvarez proclaiming that there would be no settlement is a bad move from a legal and PR standpoint.  Regardless of what you think of what has happened to Alvarez, its not a good move to tweet, write or be interviewed about this lawsuit without gaining clearance from legal counsel.  Just like cops say on tv shows, “anything that you may say (or write in this instance) can be used against you.”  Even if Alvarez believes what he says is true, what he writes on twitter may be construed differently by Bellator attorneys.

Moreover, if the Court forces the parties into mediation or a settlement conference and the case settles, Alvarez did not speak the truth about going to trial.  It just makes him look like he had no understanding about the legal process.

From an overarching perspective, the goal of MMA fighters is to make the most money out of your short career.  The reason why the UFC likes the FOX relationship is that there is more money involved and the product is exposed to the mainstream.  Alvarez has to look at the situation and determine what’s best for his fight career. Sit and fight a battle he may actually lose, or try to find a resolution as soon as possible.  Trials are long and drawn out.

Unless Bellator is unwilling to enter into settlement talks, he should try to settle for a shorter fight deal with Bellator in order to be released from his contract.  Alvarez is in the prime of his career and he does not want to end up muddied in a contract dispute.  Although under separate circumstances, a similar contract issue sidelined Brandon Vera for some time and he has never been the same fighter since.

Hopefully Alvarez will cancel Monday’s appearance and/or give generalities of his legal situation rather than talk himself into more problems.

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