GSP cleared to return for November

August 29, 2012

Georges St. Pierre announced via Twitter that he was medically cleared for his return to the Octagon this fall. GSP will face Carlos Condit to unify the UFC welterweight champion in Montreal.

Via Twitter:

The announcement prompted trainer Firas Zahabi to say that UFC 154 in Montreal to break PPV records.
Payout Perspective:

Finally some good news for the UFC.  The news that GSP will be back in November in his hometown should give the UFC PPV business a boost. Certainly Zahabi’s comments must be taken in context. He’s hyping GSP’s return. UFC 154 and 155 (JDS vs. Cain II) could help boost the PPV average for the year.

GSP’s return should mean a healthy PPV buy rate although GSP had lost some of his appeal with the criticism that he was not finishing fights. But, the long layoff should draw some interest to see how he does. Add to that the fact that he will be facing the interim champ to unify the title, and we should see a good number of PPV buys.

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