UFC expects $140 million economic impact for 148

July 4, 2012

The Las Vegas Journal Review’s Business section reports on the economic impact of the UFC’s International Fight Week this week.  It states that the UFC could bring in $140 million to the city this week.

The article does cite the UFC’s estimates so one is left to speculate as to the actual impact it may have.  Prior events have garnered over $51 million to the city.  Still, the article provides some interesting numbers regarding the level of visitors and money spent during UFC events.

The UFC expects fight week attendance of 50,000 and 60,000, with 40 percent coming from out of state and 5 percent to 10 percent international

In 2011, UFC fans accounted for 46,000 visitor trips to Las Vegas, and 80,000 room-nights.

The typical UFC visitor hits Las Vegas 2.2 times per year, has a nongaming budget of $1,528 and a gaming budget of $931. About 42 percent make $100,000 or more annually

The numbers are per the UFC.

Payout Perspective:

In comparing the $140 million estimate to some reported economic impacts of other events,  UFC 129 in Toronto reported a $40 million economic impact for the city.  For a UFC on Versus event in Pittsburgh in June 2011, it estimated that it would have a $3 million economic impact on the city.  The $140 million would be a boon (if the estimate is correct) for Las Vegas.  As you may recall, the UFC is working in conjunction with the Las Vegas Convention and Visitor’s Authority for this and has branded it “International Fight Week.”  The UFC Expo should help pull in some additional visitor interest but the $140 million estimate seems quite high especially for an event which is centered on one fight.  It would be interesting to see the economic impact for the city on a  Mayweather or Pacquiao fight to compare.   But,  one would have to figure in the fact that one of those fights has an economic advantage since it happens less frequently than a UFC event.

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