Zuffa sues unnamed alleged illegal streamers

June 27, 2012

Zuffa has filed a lawsuit in Nevada against unnamed defendants for alleged copyright infringement from illegally streaming UFC 130 and 131.  The lawsuit filed June 8, 2012 has the IP addresses of the claimed infringers but no names as of yet.

Zuffa claims that the actual names of the infringers will be named through the discovery process.

Zuffa v. Does 1-15 June 2012 Complaint

The Fight Lawyer wrote a detailed article on this subject a couple years ago which outlines the possible liability of those that illegally stream.

H/T: The Fight Lawyer

Payout Perspective:

We may have expected this considering news earlier this spring that Zuffa obtained user information in the Greenfeedz lawsuit. Although it has yet to go after those users, the legal strategy here is not surprising considering Zuffa’s aggressive stance on copyright infringement.  It will be interesting to see the progression of this case and what will the court do with the IP address infringers (i.e., who are these people, what will be their defenses).  We will keep you posted.

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