UFC lends support to International MMA Federation

April 12, 2012

The UFC announced Thursday that it is supporting the creation of the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation.  The agency will seek to provide MMA with unified rules, regulations and safety procedures with the eventual goal of having MMA as an Olympic sport.

Via UFC press release:

UFC Chairman and CEO Lorenzo Fertitta, who has helped lead the global growth of the UFC, feels that the timing is perfect. “In order to maintain the successful growth of our sport, it is important to invest in resources that will develop and cultivate it at an amateur level. Having an umbrella organization that will oversee and help build the sport on a global level will not only provide advanced and ever-improving safety standards but will also create a unified global model to help introduce the sport to new markets. It is our hope that it will also take us one step closer to witnessing the inclusion of the sport of MMA on the Olympic programme.”

Payout Perspective:

The UFC’s blessing for the IMMAF is a positive for the organization to move forward with its efforts to provide uniformity to the sport of MMA.  We will see whether other organizations and countries will follow suit in providing it with its support. IMMAF head August Wallén indicated to Sherdog that the process for MMA to be an Olympic sport would take a long time.  The process would include making sure that national federations governing the sport could come together so that international competitions could take place. This process may take time considering the political hurdles and differences that organizations may have with the sport.  Nonetheless, it’s a first step and with the UFC’s backing, it should help with having some national federations fall in line.

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