Edgar gets rematch versus Henderson

March 11, 2012

Frankie Edgar announced via twitter last week that he will receive his rematch against Ben Henderson. Dana White has tentatively scheduled the fight for this summer.

Via Edgar’s twitter:

Payout Perspective:

Once again Anthony Pettis is put on hold. Its likely the right call and shows that certain fighters have some weight when it comes to making career decisions. It appeared that Edgar was being pushed into the Featherweight division without much say. But, to Edgar (and his camp’s) credit, he was able to convince White he deserved a rematch. For Showtime, the change in course has to be frustrating. He will have to take another fight before his title shot. And, as we know, he lost to Clay Guida.  Also, the Nate Diaz-Jim Miller fight for UFC on Fox 3 will likely be for a top contender spot instead of a title shot at Henderson. The contenders to Henderson’s title reflect the dept of the lightweight division.

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  1. Assassin on March 12th, 2012 7:11 PM

    Why is it “Its likely the right call” that he gets a rematch. Lost 4-1 on two cards and 3-2 on the other and never once hurt henderson. UFC missed a big opportunity to put henderson v pettis on Fox 8/4/2012 as they would have been able to market the heck out of “the kick” and likley draw significant eyeballs. Henderson Edgar II will not sell well on PPV.

  2. CodeMaster on March 12th, 2012 8:58 PM

    I think Dana White talked himself into a rematch by saying he thought Edgar won.

    Benson Henderson clearly won the fight–it was not even close. Frankie Edgar had some pitter patter punches mixed in with an occasional hard strike–while Bendo was hitting hard with all of his limbs the whole fight–and he was the aggressor, and he almost finished Edgar, but was never in danger of the same.

    Bendo stuffed takedown after takedown–and the few that were successful either backfired (upkick) or were short-lived. While damage done is not the sole component when judging a bout, it is a significant factor, as it is palpable evidence of the effectiveness of strikes.

    It was almost hilarious to hear a beaten up Edgar, with his face bleeding and rearranged claiming to the camera: “I thought I did enough to win.”–then compare his battered visage with that of the apparently untouched Bendo.

    Edgar won against BJ Penn by a razor fine decision–so Edgar understandably granted a rematch–especially since many fans thought Penn had won. Edgar pretty much HAD to grant the rematch to prove conclusively that he won–which he did when he and Penn met again–but still, by decision. The rematch with Maynard was because the first fight was a draw. Edgar did not grant a rematch–the fans demanded it.

    So when Frankie says the UFC ‘owes’ him this rematch because he granted rematches to his opponents, this is disingenuous and inaccurate. Frankie had rematches because he did not defeat his opponents convincingly the first time.

    If Nate Diaz wins, he would be a good candidate for a title shot. Pettis is by no means deserving based on his recent UFC record. A loss to Guida, a split decision win over a low ranked fighter–and a spectacular head kick KO of Lauzon.

    I am not happy with the Edgar rematch. I consider it bad marketing to hold an immediate rematch given the Edgar title fight history. Fans would be more interested in a rematch if Frankie had one or two fights to earn his way back. While I enjoyed the first fight, I am weary of rematches–especially with Frankie Edgar.

    And frankly, Edgar does not deserve an immediate rematch.

  3. BrainSmasher on March 13th, 2012 6:43 PM

    You cant look at that damage and base the fight on it. The damage Edgar has was from 2 strikes the entire fight. It was a bad fight for both. Neither guy could hit the other. It was very close and could go either way. I dont want to see a rematch because i am tired of Frankie Edgar rematches. As with anyone who is fast and cant finish every fight is close.

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