Mayweather offers Pacquiao $40 million to fight

January 27, 2012 reports that Floyd Mayweather offered Manny Pacquiao a $40 million flat fee to fight on May 5th. The offer would mean that Mayweather would keep any PPV, gate and any other fight revenue from the long-awaited matchup.

The proposal was offered in a phone call Mayweather made to Pacquiao last week. Its unlikely that Pacquiao would take this offer although the $40 million would be the most he would make for one fight in his career.

With this proposal, its assumed that Mayweather’s take from this proposed fight would greatly exceed $40 million. For example, Mayweather’s business model from his last fight includes multiple revenue streams including foreign sales for the fight broadcast, closed-circuit revenues, site revenue and sponsorships. It was estimated that Mayweather made $40 million from the Ortiz fight. Mayweather did front $10 million in marketing costs to promote the Ortiz fight under the Mayweather Promotions banner. Its not clear, but unlikely, that Mayweather asked Pacquiao to put up money for promotional costs.

Payout Perspective:

And the saga continues in the struggle to make this fight. While the $40 million is the most Pacquiao will ever make in one fight, not receiving a portion of the PPV revenue, or any other streams of revenue, would greatly reduce, and shortchange Pacquiao’s earning potential. Its likely that the revenue for the PPV alone would be astounding considering the long wait for this fight. While Mayweather may carry the promotion of this fight domestically, its Pacquiao that would help international sales. This would include the many Filipino fight fans that would come to Vegas (the likely spot) for the fight.

Its hard to imagine Pacquiao fighting under a Mayweather Promotions only  banner. Mayweather has said that he will not take a 50-50 split so we will have to wait and see if this fight will ever happen.

8 Responses to “Mayweather offers Pacquiao $40 million to fight”

  1. Joe on January 27th, 2012 1:13 PM

    One more way for Mayweather to PRETEND he want’s the fight while making sure it never happens !

  2. jay on January 27th, 2012 7:14 PM

    overrated rich punks.
    boxing is dead, and these guys should not have this much money or power.
    i just dont get it

  3. mooliani on January 28th, 2012 3:13 AM

    mayweather would kill manny thats why no one in his camp will let him fight floyd. not for any amount of money

  4. Jason Cruz on January 28th, 2012 9:33 AM

    Bob Arum now offering Mayweather $45 million flat fee. The posturing continues.

  5. Albert Bernestine on January 28th, 2012 12:57 PM

    Both camps at fault for not getting a deal done. There is enough total revenue to go around for all parties involved. I personally question Pacquaio’s team and their respective business decisions. It kills Bob Arum that Floyd Mayweather is self sufficient when it comes to the business end of boxing.

  6. BrainSmasher on January 28th, 2012 2:55 PM

    You guys keep pissing and maoning wa nting fighters to get paid more and this is what MMA will come to. The guys make so much money that no amount will make one of them fight a fight he dont think he can win. They make so much that no group or Org can handle both. No event can afford more than 1 good fight. It is the struggles and hard time that create fighters and money destroys them. It is clear FMJ is scared to lose his leverage and doesnt want this fight to happen but keeps it alive for that raining day just incase. It wont happen unless one of them lose or people quit caring about their other fights. But as much as it is FMJ who goes out of his way to prevent the fight. Pacman isnt bending over backwards to get the fight either. The desire these guys once had to prove themselves and show everyone who the best is has long left them as the $20 million fights starting coming. They became businessmen and not fighters. They no longer look for the toughest challenge but for the biggest payday. I have no interest in watching them or anyone else fight for those reasons and why i quit watching boxing many years ago.

  7. Larsenator on January 31st, 2012 12:01 PM

    AMEN Brian!

  8. Larsenator on January 31st, 2012 12:02 PM

    Oops: Should have said Brain(Smasher). 🙂

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