UFC 140: Attendance, gate and bonuses

December 10, 2011

MMA Weekly reports the attendance and gate for UFC 140 in Toronto garnered a solid 18,303 attendees for a gate of $3.9 million. Dana White announced the numbers at the post-fight press conference.

In addition, MMA Junkie reports The Korean Zombie, Frank Mir and Jon Jones and Lyoto Machida received bonuses. Chan Sung Jung won for his KO of Mark Hominick, Mir was the choice for submission of the night and Jones and Machida won the fight of the night. Each fighter received $75,000 for their efforts.

MMA Payout will have more on UFC 140 tomorrow.

2 Responses to “UFC 140: Attendance, gate and bonuses”

  1. Assassin on December 11th, 2011 5:09 PM

    Great Card, glad I bought it. My guess was about 425k-450k PPV buys going in, but word of mouth during the broadcast might have driven it higher. If it hit 500k then it was a huge success for UFC.

    Amazed at the Canadian gates, guess that is why they are getting 3 cards a year. Suck it up Pittsburgh, no more cards for you.

    2012 is shaping up as the year of Fox (Fx/Fuel) as PPV numbers may not be great, again due to injuries, but 100 million is still 100 million (something tells me UFC may actual get a little more).

  2. Assassin on December 15th, 2011 3:50 AM

    Looks like Meltzer is reporting 480 thousand buys. Good, but not great numbers given estimate for Rampage was 475 thousand.

    Anyway, it will dwarf the 250-300 thousand for 141

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