Sponsor to provide walkout music for Diaz at UFC 137

July 9, 2011

MMA Weekly reports that Team Cesar Gracie has entered into a deal with Coalition Fight Music (CFM) to provide walkout music for Nick Diaz in his fight against GSP at UFC 137.

The deal has CFM providing walkout music for any fighter under Team Cesar Gracie starting with Diaz as he challenges GSP for the welterweight title. The deal gives Team Cesar Gracie/Diaz a cut of the proceeds that the song might make.

Via MMA Weekly:

CFM’s song that will be used for Diaz’s walkout music will also be featured in the upcoming 505 Games release ‘Supremacy MMA’ for Xbox and PS3, as well as the upcoming Jackie Chan feature ‘Life is War’.

Countless numbers of bands have shown support for MMA over the years, and fighters in the past like Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson have even had tracks made specifically for them, but this will be a new generation of sponsorship for the sport.

Payout Perspective:

This is an interesting way for a sponsor to become involved in the main event. Its unique and it involves some risk. What happens if the PA system does not work? What if Joe Rogan talks over the track, which would negate millions from listening? What if Diaz walks out too fast and thereby shortening the exposure for the music?

Its a solid deal for Diaz as he will receive a portion of the sales generated from its sales as a result of walking out to the music. I do not recall if Diaz has a steady theme song (e.g., Sandstorm for Wanderlei Silva). So, there is no emotional tie that Diaz must break in taking the deal.

Its a very creative form of sponsorship. The Diaz-GSP fight should be a big draw and for CFM to involve its music for the fight gets people in the arena and viewers at home a chance to hear its music.

2 Responses to “Sponsor to provide walkout music for Diaz at UFC 137”

  1. Brad Wharton on July 9th, 2011 4:19 AM

    If it’s anything like the majority of CFM’s back catalogue, Diaz sprinting to the ring while Rogan talks over the track will be a welcome reprieve. I saw them perform at Ultimate Challenge a few months back, and they were dreadful…people in the crowd were asking if it was a joke.

    I hope Diaz isn’t planning to get rich off a cut of the sales.

  2. Shawn on July 10th, 2011 12:24 AM

    Ya I heard there gatbage id wanna find out how they are from this fight lmao

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